Before I dive into watching video on what the 49ers and Buccaneers did during Week 4, here are five bits of multimedia excellence either currently available on other outlets or coming shortly. Can’t stop the hustle, or something…

1. With the NBA owners holding fans hostage while they fight over billions of dollars of revenue with the players, I’ve decided it’s time to become a committed, full-time hockey fan. In a post that went up this morning on SB Nation Bay Area, I make this proclamation: “San Jose Sharks, I’m All Yours.”

2. I’ve had a few desk jobs, and one of the better ways to kill a mind-numbing hour of corporate paperwork is to listen to a podcast. And hey, speaking of podcasts … last week I started doing a weekly hour-plus segment on The Sly Show. Yesterday we talked about baseball, the NFL and what happens when media guys ask stupid questions. For those who aren’t familiar, Sly hosts at least five hours of online radio every single day, including weekends. For those with sensitive ears, there’s some mature (immature, really) subjects thrown around, a little bit of swearing and several disparaging things said about the Dallas Cowboys.

3. And if you listen to that segment and still have half a workday left to kill, here’s another podcast I did about the Giants for a site called Popblerd last week. If you don’t want to listen to a Cardinals blogger talk about Albert Pujols, just fast forward to about 30 minutes in and you can hear me pontificate on Brandon Belt, Tim Lincecum and other Giants-related topics.

4. Late last night I sent my answers to four Giants-related questions to Julian Levine, the 18-year-old blogging prodigy and author of Giants Nirvana (and one-time guest on KRON with Gary Radnich). He’s doing a “roundtable” feature where a few of us Giants bloggers answer questions like “Who was the Giants’ 2011 MVP?” As soon as it’s up, I’ll let y’all know so you can find out whether or not I want the Giants to re-sign Jeff Keppinger (hint: I disagree with Brian Sabean’s assertion that Kepp’s a “luxury item,” because I don’t find anything about his game all that luxurious).

5. First hockey, now golf? Believe it, friends (I just wrote that in my Jim Nance voice). I’ll be headed to the Open tomorrow morning, where I’ll walk the grounds, follow Tiger Woods and see what other mischief I can get into.

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