My Day of Thunder: NASCAR Toyota /Savemart 350 at Infineon Raceway

I have to admit, I have never been a NASCAR fan. Before yesterday, my closest experience to NASCAR was watching “Days of Thunder” with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. But I’ve always been curious, so when my mom called me up with free VIP tickets for the NASCAR Toyota/Savemart 350 race that she got from work, I immediately said yes.

BASG has been to this race before and he and some of his friends had lots of advice for me before I went to the race. I was to do/look out for the following:

– Wear sunscreen (which I forgot and the person sitting behind me took pity on me and gave me some … still got burnt and look like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer today)

– Do a mullet count — how many mullets per square feet.

– Talk with the friendly fans and workers at the raceway (I tried to sneak under the fence to get a better picture before the race and got yelled at so I don’t think they were as friendly to me after that)

– Drink beer (I had wine … and it was free!)

– Learn more than one driver’s name by the end of the day (aka someone other than Dale Earnhardt, Jr.)

The item on my check list that I was most excited about was my mullet count. I walked onto the dirt path headed for my seat on a very determined mullet mission. I searched high and low and was saddened to see absolutely zero mullets (and I was looking outside of my VIP seat for at least an hour!) However, I did discover a new trend while on my mission. Something that I feel has replaced the mullet: the mustache.

The mustache has been on hiatus for a while now. Once people started to notice that most of the guys on “To Catch a Predator” had a mustache, it kind of lost its appeal. However, I think it may be coming back with a vengeance with NASCAR fans. Since Billy Ray Cyrus has made some what of a comeback recently, and has done it without his famous mullet, I think the word may have gotten out that mullet fans needed to move on too. The mustache is a great replacement for NASCAR fans because it still has that “I’m a little sketchy, watch out dude’s appeal and also shows that you can grow facial hair … which means you are a man!

Here are my favorite mustache discoveries of the day. I can’t decide which one is the best, so feel free to vote on your favorite in the comment section below.

1. My mustache is better that your mustache

I found these guys hanging out by the NASCAR t-shirt stand. They didn’t look too happy. I’m thinking that they were trying to figure out which t-shirt would highlight their mustaches the most. I think maybe they picked the same one and were arguing over who was going to be the guy to get it. I vote for the guy with the handlebar mustache. He looks like he might mess up the other guy if he tried to take his t-shirt.



2. Corona in a can makes your mustache more shiny and pretty

This guy was sitting in the VIP section with me and my mom. I had never seen Corona in a can before coming to the race but this guy was clearly a Corona can veteran. He knew where to get them and the benefits for his mustache.





3. My mustache is my sun block

This guy got more sun burned than I did … and I look like a lobster! He clearly was under the impression that his mustache was large enough to provide shade for the rest of his body. I have a feeling he’s hurting more than I am today.






4.The Dale Earnhardt, Jr. approved mustache

Number 88 would be proud of this mustache. The better the handlebar mustache, the better Dale Jr. will race. Guess this guy needs to work on his mustache a little bit more if he wants to help get Dale Jr. in the top 10.

Mustaches and all, I had a great time at the race and would definitely go again. While I still feel like I am a NASCAR novice, I now know a couple of drivers by name and also know to wear sunscreen at the race next time around. I also know not to ask another fan why there are so many sky divers at a driving race or sneak
under the fence to get a good picture (oops).  And now that I’ve seen a race live, I feel
like I need to go back and watch Days of Thunder again to do a mustache count.

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