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My first podcast with Davis Sports Deli

While I talk and write quite a bit about the local talk radio scene, I know as well as anyone it’s easier to critique than to contribute. My only contribution: a call to Gary Radnich a long time ago while I was bored driving on HWY 24 and he couldn’t remember what Mike Krzyzewski said in his unbelievably pompous American Express commercial, so I called in and did my mediocre Coach K impression.

“I prefer to think of myself not as a coach, but as a leader who coaches basketball.”

Just thinking about that commercial makes me hate lacrosse and adult males with blond hair.

Anyway, last night I recorded my first of what could be several bi-weekly podcasts with Davis Sports Deli, who are way more experienced at this type of thing than me. Click here to hear me lose my podcast virginity. Turns out I’m a screamer. No, sorry, I got myself confused with Mike Russo. We actually conversed at a normal volume about the Warriors, whether or not Monta Ellis is an All-Star (you can probably guess where I went there), Aaron Rodgers and the Super Bowl.

And if you missed it, here’s my latest weekly “Bay Area Week In Review” column at SB Nation Bay Area. I guess that’s enough self-promotion for today.

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