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No place like (Tim Lincecum’s) home

Yeah, I know: real original headline. Sorry, nothing else comes to mind. Seeing the Giants play this way at home reminds me of the first time I went to AT&T (then Pac Bell) Park. I was with my buddy Carp, back when we lived in Eureka and going to a Giants game was a BIG DEAL.

And this wasn’t just the normal big deal of getting away from our parents, it was our first game at Pac Bell, the park we’d been dreaming of since we were old enough to know that Candlestick Park wasn’t the best place on earth. Only problem was, the park we thought should have been named Mays Field was faulty. Broken. The home team started out 0-5, which had to mean the park was totally defected.

Then the Giants lost 9-3 to the Montreal Expos of all teams, which along with our horrendous view from Section 333 (lesson learned: don’t buy View Reserved tickets behind the left field foul pole) made us wonder if the Giants had made a huge mistake…maybe they never should have moved away from The Stick! Will Clark would probably hate this new place, with its stupid Coke Bottle and Rusty. I mean, what the hell is Rusty anyways?!?!?!?

In another example of why it’s asinine to get too happy or upset over a baseball game in April, the Giants went 55-20 over their next 75 home games, and then something happened in the playoffs involving Mark Gardner that I really don’t feel like reliving in this forum.

In other words, Mays Field has always been a pretty good home field advantage, whenever the Giants were good. In the past few years it’s almost been like a home run deterrent, and it still is in a way this season, but damn are the Giants good at home this year. Of course, it helps to have a pissed-off Tim Lincecum starting the opener of your homestand.

More deep thoughts, from BASG Handy

— Giants trade! Giants trade! And I can’t say I’m upset. Scott Barnes will pitch in the Major Leagues, according to Brian Sabean, which probably means he’s pretty sure Barnes won’t. Listen, I don’t think Sabean is all that cool when it comes to public comments about players who can’t defend themselves, but he’s pretty good at getting rid of Minor League pitchers who are either injury-prone or won’t amount to anything.

— The only loser in this trade is obviously Travis Ishikawa, who has become a full-time defensive replacement. Besides that, there doesn’t seem to be a bad side to this transaction for the rest of the team; Garko is a right-handed hitter with some power, a guy who you don’t want in the outfield but can play a decent first base (well, better than Jesus Guzman anyway). And he’s owed about $150,000 for the rest of the year, his last season before reaching arbitration. So in other words, Garko has two months to make as much money as possible.

— And Travis, there is a bright side. Garko’s career against left-handers: .318/.393/.513. Garko’s career against righties: .270/.341/.427.

Checking out Indians’ fans perspectives on this, and I’ll tell you this: I’m glad I’m not an Indians fan. I thought Giants fans were cynical. Wow.

— Example:

If all we get is a box of donuts I’ll be happy … nice! Hope Jhonny is next.

Who would give up much more than a shoelace for Garko?

— You know what that last quote was? That was an American League fan who doesn’t know what bad offense REALLY is.

— Alright, enough whining about non-concerns like “hits” and “runs”. Tonight was when we learned that when Lincecum gets REALLY mad, he throws strikes. Good to know.

— 15 strikeouts? Really? Sometimes it’s good to sit back and realize we’re watching history. The Giants’ offense may still suck after Garko gets here, but there are 29 teams with fans who are extremely jealous of us that we get to watch Lincecum pitch every fifth day.

— Still, anyone else wonder why Lincecum was around the strike zone more than Greg Maddux against everyone but Andy LaRoche?

— Based on the conversation Comcast showed between Lincecum and Barry Bonds in the dugout, I think BLB has a huge mancrush. Maybe that’s why Bonds lost so much weight before coming to tonight’s game, he wanted to make sure he looked good for Timmy in his fleur-de-lis jacket (which probably cost about $5,000).

— I know I’m alone on an island on this one, but I’m happy that Eugenio Velez is back. It’s more fun with him around, and (I’m sorry San Jose people) he’s just better than Kevin Frandsen. Yeah, I said it.

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