Kobe Bryant

Not invited to Odom’s wedding: Paul Gasol

Thanks to SGL for checking out People.com and finding this little gem.

(I know what you’re thinking right now. “Suuuuurrrre buddy, your GIRLFRIEND was reading People.com…bwahahahahahahaaaaa!!!” Really, it’s true. I was too busy watching E’s “Daily 10” while simultaneously pouring bleach into my eyes.)

Most of you will probably jump to conclusions and figure People’s teaser on the latest in the disturbingly fast-moving courtship between Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian was written by some intern who doesn’t know anything about sports.

But what if this People headline was right? What if there’s some new celebrity sports blogger — a la Perez Hilton — named Kobe Bryan, who flamboyantly hob-nobs with the glitterati whenever an athlete is involved? He was there when Reggie was dating Kim, when Lance Armstrong was wooing that Olsen twin, when Hank Baskett met Hef for the first time (you know, before he was released from the Eagles a few months later)! OMG, Mr. Bryan is totally fabulous, and he’s going to give us some hot Tweets from the Khlodom Wedding!!!

All I know is, Odom must have impregnated this off-brand Kardashian to marry her after dating for only a month. Goodnight, all. I’m off to go read a little US Weekly before hitting the hay.

OK, one last thing. I guess Khloe didn’t follow her own advice to date football players instead of basketball players after her failed relationship with Rashad McCants. Apparently it’s easier to root for your boyfriend when you don’t have to go all the way to Sacramento to watch him sit on the bench (and make about 1/5 the money her new fiance does).

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