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Postgame notes: another tough luck game for Tim Lincecum

The Giants fell 8.5 games behind the D-Backs on Friday night. And the hated Dodgers — who pulled out a 2-1 victory on Friday night with the help of a swinging bunt by Matt Kemp of all people — aren’t far behind. “We’re just trying to not sink right now,” said Tim Lincecum, who gave up one run in 8 innings and looked truly like a guy who left everything he had on the field in his attempt to surpass Clayton Kershaw, who again was just a tad better.

Arizona’s magic number is now 10, and they have 17 games left to play. The Giants have 18 contests left, and by the looks of things the last 8-10 of those games will probably take place with the Giants out of things not just figuratively, but mathematically as well.

It’s a difficult reality for the defending champs, one they’re having a hard time facing. For example, check out Lincecum in this short clip, where he talks about what the rest of the season holds. One thing to notice: the calendar behind Lincecum is still on August, featuring sorely missed second baseman Freddy Sanchez (not pictured). It’s almost like the Giants don’t want to face the fact that time has run out.

A few quick notes to lighten the mood … or try to, anyway

— The clubhouse was glum as always after a tough loss, so I scanned the area on the side of the clubhouse near Lincecum’s locker to see if I could spot anything interesting. Besides the out-of-date Giants calendar, here’s what I saw.

— Next to Lincecum (who appears to have two lockers) is Brian Wilson, who definitely has two lockers. One’s for his baseball stuff (uniforms, gloves, spikes) and the other is full of clutter. It’s not quite a “Hoarders” situation, but it’s getting there. Tonight I saw a large pillow with a sign reading “10 Things You Need To Know About Chuck Norris,” several bags of Pop Chips, a pair of old Hexalite black/neon green/red Reebok Pumps and a small Buddha. A pretty representative collection of belongings, I’d say.

— Lincecum’s space is decidedly cleaner than Wilson’s. The main thing I noticed (because I’m a bit of a shoe hound) is he had more brands of footwear than anyone I’ve ever seen — at least for a professional athlete, who usually has everything from the same brand, the one that sponsors him. Lincecum had shoes or shoeboxes from Nike, New Balance, Mizuno and Reebok, along with the same Rainbow flip-flops I have. Stars who don’t get any run support — they’re just like us!!!

— Madison Bumgarner has a pair of black cowboy boots, but you probably already figured that.

— Sergio Romo’s locker is in the corner right next to Wilson’s. If you didn’t already love Romo before, you should see the space above his locker (where his name and number are) where he put up several letters from fans (one from a kid that’s written in black and orange marker), along with a black and white poster someone drew of his heavily bearded face. I think it’s a pretty good bet that if you send Romo fan mail, he won’t just read it. He might display it, too.

— One last video, because this one’s (sort of) on the positive tip and I know my readers can’t get enough of the Timmy soul patch. This is about how Lincecum appeared to be smiling at different points of the game, particularly after Carlos Beltran’s terrific catch while leaping into the short wall down the right field line.
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