Pablo Sandoval

Public Enemy No. 1: Charlie Manuel

Are you kidding? Jayson Werth? I joked about this yesterday at McCovey Chronicles, but I didn’t really think Charlie Manuel would take Werth over Pablo Sandoval to replace Carlos Beltran.

Alright Charlie, if you thought the fans in Philadelphia knew how to boo (and I don’t think Philly fans are really that amazing, they just boo the wrong things, like injuries, Donovan McNabb and kittens), just wait until the Mays Field faithful catch first glimpse of you and your tremendously large boiler on July 30. And at the end of the month, this wound will still be VERY fresh.

Oh, Manuel will have some excuse about needing to take another outfielder to replace Beltran, and since Sandoval isn’t an outfielder he just wouldn’t give the old-timer enough of that managerial flexibility.

What a load of B.S.

If Werth was such a great candidate, why wasn’t he listed as one of the FIVE candidates to fill the final spot on the National League All-Star Team?

I know Werth has been fantastic over the last month; he’s on my fantasy team. I know Werth has 20 homers and 12 stolen bases (compared to 13 HR and 3 SB for Sandoval). I know Manuel earned the right to choose whoever he wants to be on the All-Star team, just like Joe Torre took advantage of that right in near obscene fashion for years back when the Yankees were good (Scott Brosius, anyone?).

I also know the Giants have performed above everyone’s expectations this season to have the second-best record in the NL, making Pablo Sandoval a legitimate MVP candidate (well, if Albert Pujols suffers a season-ending injury, anyway). I know that Sandoval has an OPS of .940 compared to .894 for Werth and .838 for Victorino. I know that the NL All-Star team now has seven healthy outfielder’s on the roster, compared to two third basemen, two catchers and two shortstops.

Couldn’t Sandoval at least be a backup catcher/third baseman? Yadier Molina and Brian McCann (who never plays more than five consecutive games in a row, another fact I know from having him on my fantasy team) are expected to catch all nine innings, if not more. Isn’t catching a tad more physically taxing than standing in the outfield and pretending to hustle? Really, we couldn’t possibly expect Ryan Braun, Raul Ibanez, Hunter Pence, Brad Hawpe and Shane Victorino can’t handle the outfield duties?

The only way Manuel saves face is if Ibanez — who might come off the DL tonight — decides to sit out the All-Star Game due to his strained left groin. Then Manuel’s decision to include Werth — who has actually had a better season than Victorino in every way besides batting average — isn’t so awful…as long as Manuel throws a bone to the West Coast and replaces Ibanez with Sandoval if that situation arises.

Of course, Manuel would probably take Matt Kemp over Sandoval anyway, which would cause an even more vitriolic reaction from Giant fans who’ve already been worked into a frenzy over this whole American Idol-style “final vote.”

There’s nothing we can do anymore; we campaigned, we voted and we lost to the East Coast. The only thing left to do is for the Giants to tweak the team a little in the next month, win the World Series and send Aaron Rowand, Nate Schierholtz and John Bowker to the All-Star team next year. Along with Edgar Renteria, Travis Ishikawa, Jeremy Affeldt and…Pablo Sandoval.

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