Aaron Rowand

Quick pregame notes before heading to AT&T

Getting ready to go to the Giants game tonight, meaning this last hour of work is crawling by at a Molina’s pace. Normally I’d look at a Barry Zito vs. Clayton Kershaw matchup — especially one which prominently includes Aaron Rowand — as a sure loss. But then again, I wasn’t exactly confident in the Giants’ chances against Mat Latos either. There’s a reason why I don’t gamble on sports. Much.

Cody Ross is the leadoff guy….but Bruce Bochy doesn’t trust him to play center. OK, that isn’t true. I know Bauche as well as you do, and he’s trying to boost Rowand’s confidence against a lefty. One of the best lefties in the league, a guy who Jose Guillen is imminently more qualified to face, but Guillen hasn’t faced Kershaw and Rowand’s gone 1-for-5 with a couple walks and….

Sorry, I can’t on one day congratulate the great Giants fans who took over Petco and then the next day whine about the lineup, can I? Actually, that’s pretty much the epitome of a Giants fan: someone who’s passionate and reserves the ability to complain and/or jump ship at any point.

I am also strangely confident in Zito tonight. He usually comes through when it matters, which makes you wonder what’s going through his head (tweetie-birds and moonbeams?) when the start isn’t exactly “must.” At least after his quality start last time out, we don’t have to hear how tonight’s outing is the 48th “most important start of his San Francisco Giants career.” I’m expecting to hear many rude things yelled at Matt Kemp and Casey Blake, two underwear adjustments by Aubrey Huff, at least one opposite-field knock for Buster Posey and three different food items consumed by yours truly by the 7th inning. And what do you know, it’s pregame time!

(If you’re interested in Cal football, my real name or how well I can use a Flip Cam, go ahead and check out my camera-wielding and narration abilities at CSNBayArea.com. “The Governor” of Tightwad Hill is pretty priceless.)

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