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Raiders Sports Guy: revelations with the Man in White

What do Phil Spector, Robert Blake, and Mr. Al Davis have in common?

It’s a good question, so think about it before you rush to answer.

All three are the same person, but Spector went into music, Blake into acting, and Davis went into football.

All three are totally washed up icons who have shat in the bed of their own genius, which last had clean sheets before 1985.

All three would have been immortalized had they been stricken down by something tragic before 1985, before they exacted tragedies on others.

Instead, they took their bad haircuts, terrible attitudes and painfully dated sensibilities into the new millenium and all hell broke loose.

Spector and Evans killed their ladies, or failed loves, in tremendous acts of egomania. Mr. Davis? He has murdered one of the most iconic franchises, HIS FRANCHISE, in a league he HELPED BUILD.

According to Forbes, the Oakland Raiders are the least valuable franchise in football. Most fans of the team would agree, save for the idiots still wearing the fancy costumes and Darth Raider getups to the latest shutout at the park the A’s play at.

I wonder if they feel like idiots when they labor to put that complicated getup on?

Do they think about Darrius Heywood-Bey and how he’s been outperformed by just about every rookie WR, including Michael Crabtree, whom the Raiders passed on, and who wasn’t on an NFL roster until a couple weeks ago?

Or do they ponder the ol’ “Commitment To Excellence?”

How can you even utter that with a straight face these days?

Great job vetting Tom Cable, gang! The first warning sign should’ve been that his only head coaching experience was an abbreviated stint at Idaho State, his alumnus for crying out loud, where he became the first coach to be fired in over two decades! And how could they not? Tom ran the team into the ground. No winning season. Sort of like the job Bill Callahan did after he conned Nebraska into giving him a job based on his Super Bowl season with the Raiders!

You remember that one, don’t you? The one where Jon Gruden built a winner that Bill Callahan babysat until he didn’t know how to make new audibles for the Super Bowl against….Jon Gruden!!! The guy who wrote the audibles and codes in the first place.

But I digress.

It’s easy to see how they landed Coach Cable. He’s a loser and a bum with a penchant for smacking around women. He probably aced the interview, what with stellar executives who physically threaten undersized reporters and accuse them of being on drugs when, gasp, they give the league’s worst team less than favorable coverage!!! That’s like smacking your old lady for running her mouth … yep, he totally aced the interview.

The last time the Raiders had a credible executive, his name was Bruce Allen. Allen was the son of coaching legend George Allen. He was named executive of the year in 2003, and he promptly ran like hell to Tampa Bay.

Make your mark and bail. It’s what any sensible person involved with the Raiders does. That said, Nnamdi Asomghua will probably dummy up and get into politics.

Fuck the Raiders.

I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.

Until things improve or Al dies, I’m the Man In White.

The Raiders Sports Guy, Francis Mayer, has extensive experience in radio as a producer and former morning show host at 106.1 KRAB in Bakersfield, and now works producing a morning news show. He’s also a freelance writer and huge Oakland Raiders and Minnesota Twins fan. And yes, he knows that’s an odd combination.


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