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Raiders Sports Guy: Hue, that wasn’t the players’ fault


I don’t even know what to say to that.

Wait, yes I do!


My wife deleted my DVR recording of the 16-13 win over the Chiefs, or this where I’d post a copyright-infringing still image of four Raider defenders clamoring to cover an eligible tackle while a 40-yard pass got completed behind them.

Now the Raiders did hold on to win that game, but that play illustrated all that is wrong with the team.

It’s the coaching.

Don’t let Hue tell you otherwise … after the last game of the season.

He spent the entire season exorcising the false humility version of taking responsibility after losses.

He did this, of course, so that he could take ALL THE CREDIT when the team won the Super Bowl just like “that man” told him they would.

He also added that Al Davis told him, “He didn’t know how they’d do it, but they would,” and apparently Hue didn’t know either.

The fact that I’m naming Sebastian Janikowski the team MVP (he narrowly beat out Shane Lechler for the honor in my mind), speaks volumes about this team.

They couldn’t finish … anything. They couldn’t finish games and they couldn’t finish drives.

Really, the season ended after Hue cried on the sidelines in Texas after the Raiders won their most meaningful game in eons.

And I was a bit worried after that.

Hue told us he was worried after the Bills game, and I’m not sure I believe him. He sounded like a defensive brat when he faced the media after the team’s latest meltdown. I think we were all worried about the Chargers’ big-play potential, and it turned out to be for good reason.

They burned the hell out of us.

Carson Palmer’s first half mental mistake of passing the ball to a receiver who had no chance of getting out of bounds is nothing new; he’s done that a couple other times this season, and he tried to do it on the last drive against the Lions a couple of weeks ago to the same receiver.

But back to the play where over a third of the defense decided to cover an offensive tackle who was running into the flat for a 3-yard gain if he was passed to.

How is that the players’ fault?

Why were four players on the defense that confused?

Because the coaching staff sucks.

All of them.

It was a mistake to fire Cable, because at least he would’ve socked Chuck Bresnahan in the face about six weeks ago.

Hue, on the other hand, is too much of a careerist. I actually thought this was a good thing at one point, but he and Carson Palmer are a match made in blame-shifter heaven.

I can’t wait to see who throws the other under the bus first when this team starts 2-2 next season.

There are good players on the defense, but they were sent into battle with the wrong plans. This team wasn’t built for smarts, I’ll tell you that much. This isn’t a team that is going to run a complex defense with multiple decisions to make on each play, no sir. That defense unit is made up of … Raiders. Speed guys and hitters. Michael Huff is a hitter, Aaron Curry is a hitter, Quentin Groves reportedly runs a 4.4 forty yard dash. Rolando McClain … smiles at photographers while being arrested.

But what they aren’t is smart. If they were, they wouldn’t have been part of a team that set the record for most penalties in a season. That’s another shameful note to the season.

It’s hard to say “this team should’ve made the playoffs” because … they didn’t!!

You just watched 16 games of the best football they had to offer.

They acted like the won the Super Bowl after beating Texas in an emotionally important game, pulled out all the stops in trading for Carson Palmer, and the season felt like it peaked right before Thanksgiving when the Raiders were 7-4 and ready to win the division … but they didn’t.

Now we know Hue Jackson a bit better because NOW he’s telling us the truth.

His truth is that he’s had serious doubts about this team since the third week of the season, but he’s done what he could with this ragtag bunch and 8-8 was the best he could do for “that man.”

I’m curious to know how many people believe that. How many of you believe that Hue had his doubts since the loss at Buffalo? I’m sure he does in hindsight, but if that’s the case, he’s been lying to us all along. How are we supposed to trust him now?

What was he telling the truth about along the way? What was he telling the team that he wasn’t telling us?

Does he really thing Curry is better than Groves?

Does he really think McClain is a stand-up guy and that “once all the facts come out,” we’ll realize he’s a “fine young man”?


Silver and Black in the Pro Bowl

I can’t believe Richard Seymour made the Pro Bowl and Tommy Kelly didn’t. Name recognition, baby. His two blocked kicks were about as impressive to me as Palmer’s 400+ yards passing on Sunday. Sham stats. You want to talk real stats? Kelly bested Seymour in sacks and tackles, plus he had an interception, got his mitts on a bunch of passes, and forced a few fumbles. Oh, and he didn’t repeatedly kill the Raiders with stupid, selfish penalties most of the season.

And this is SeaBass’s Pro Bowl selection? Really? The guy has been kicking the ball out of the back of opposing end zones since DAY ONE!

Looking ahead

This season is a major disappointment, and I can’t believe I’m wishing Tom Cable was back. At least the team knew he wasn’t all talk. He punched somebody in the face to make a point. He was passionate. Jackson seems calculating in all the wrong ways.

We know Chuck has to go. With any luck, Hue won’t be far behind.

There’s a lot of great coaching candidates out there right now, and Jeff Fisher is a California guy, but it’s hard to think he’d take a job with this team, unless Mark Davis is a lot more charming than — bless his heart — his father.

We’ll probably have Hue back next season, and here’s to hoping there’s some defensive genius out there who looks at our personnel and says “I can haz a plan for these fast, big hitting, undisciplined fellas.”

That’s my hope heading into the offseason.

As for the post season? Um … go Niners, and here’s to hoping Tim Tebow continues to be outed … for what he isn’t.

The Raiders Sports Guy, Francis Mayer, has extensive experience in radio as a producer in Bakersfield, as a former morning show host at 106.1 KRAB and now producing a local morning news show. He and BASG played on the same Babe Ruth baseball team as 13-year-olds, and Francis still talks about that time he struck out the side in his only pitching appearance of the season. He’s also a fan of the Oakland Raiders and Minnesota Twins, a strange pairing of teams that’s never been fully explained.

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