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Exclusive: Rich Lieberman’s “sources” were wrong about DeSean Jackson signing with the Raiders

Rich Lieberman DeSean Jackson

Rich Lieberman loves to rip local media personalities. He also loves to talk about Tommy’s Joynt and tell his detractors that they work at 7-11.

Recently he combined two of his greatest loves: the Oakland Raiders and lots of attention.

Raiders fans were excited over rumors that they were in the running for DeSean Jackson. Lieberman tweeted a few times using the #DJaxToOakland hashtag on Saturday. Shortly after, he took it a step further. Suddenly he had sources. NFL SOURCES. Lieberman went from a garden variety Raiders fan, hoping Reggie McKenzie and Mark Davis would make a big offseason splash, to a hot shot “reporter,” breaking big news.

Jackson, as you all probably know by now, ended up signing with Washington.

So, with “I Will Remember You” playing softly in the background, let’s take a look back at a four-day stretch Raider Nation will never forget … as much as they’d like to try.

But he sure backtracks a lot, as we’ll see in a bit.

Isn’t it weird that CSN Bay Area keeps ignoring Lieberman’s requests/pleas to let him back on Yahoo SportsTalk Live? Koz is missing a golden opportunity to liven things up on set with a ladies’ man like Richie.

The thing that kills me about this next tweet, other than the second hashtag, is the question mark. RT!

Lieberman knows the NFL, he knows the Raiders, and he knows that Matt Schwaub needs RECEIVERS to pass to:

Lieberman never divulged his source(s), but I’ll put it this way: the man is tight with the #NFLPA:

While Lieberman was sending out tweets every two minutes about Jackson’s impending arrival, word came out that Jackson was visiting Washington first. People, hold your horses — this is just a “courteous visit” we’re talking about here:

Guys, don’t you get it? It’s simple economics. #DoneDeal:

Lieberman isn’t going to let a peon like NFL Network National Insider Ian Rapoport get in his way, either.

All DeSean wants in life is some long-term NFL security … and the chance to rub shoulders with Sonny Dykes:

Start the party early, because if you wait until the big event and the big event never comes, you’ll miss out on the party!

Good news: we finally have an explanation for the Hayden pick …

Lieberman’s confidence started to wane slightly on Monday:

Emphasis on “slightly”:

Maybe he meant “pubically”:

Once things started looking grim, Lieberman knew who to blame:

But Lieberman was still working the “phones” to get the 411 on 4-1-14:

Don’t worry #sistahs, even with all these sources to chat with and scoops to break, Lieberman still had his priorities straight:

As the day wore on, frustration set in:

You get a Pinto! You get a Pinto! You get a Pinto! (Younger Raiders fans: “WTF is a Pinto?”)

Looks like Rich might have to get back into the used car game

Lieberman didn’t just gain notoriety and lose credibility after sending all those tweets (over 100 that included #DJaxToOakland and another 100+ that mentioned @DeSeanJackson10). He also went from over 2,800 Twitter followers on Saturday to almost 3,600 on Tuesday before Jackson signed with Washington. That number has dropped by at least 200 since Jackson signed with Washington, and from now on it’ll be even harder for independent journalists to convince the public that their sources are legitimate thanks to Lieberman’s hijinks.

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