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Richard Sherman and Brandon Jacobs have something in common

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Brandon Jacobs is enjoying a few extra minutes of fame, which he garnered by calling Jim Harbaugh a “bitch” and ripping him for never winning anything on a New York radio show. One can tell how much fun Jacobs is having by watching his Twitter feed, in which he seems to feel the need to respond to just about every mention he receives.

For those who remember Jacobs’ short-yet-eventful (for all the wrong reasons) tenure with the 49ers, this doesn’t come as a shock. Jacobs frequently aired grievances about Harbaugh and his time with the 49ers on Twitter. Jacobs wanted a chance to rejoin the New York Giants last year when he realized the 49ers weren’t going to play him, and he felt like he was “held hostage” when San Francisco refused to grant his release.

Like Richard Sherman, Jacobs craves the limelight. But this post isn’t about the fame-mongering or handing out the “thug” label.

Both Sherman and Jacobs had outbursts that were in some way related to their experiences playing for Jim Harbaugh.

Harbaugh has the ability to win lots of football games, and he’s also phenomenally talented when it comes to getting under the skin of opponents and teammates alike. Sherman still can’t stand his college coach for several reasons — starting with the one-game suspension at Stanford and how Harbaugh supposedly damaged his draft stock by not vouching for him the way Sherman would’ve preferred. It seems pretty obvious that a lot of what happened on Sunday night was about Sherman’s feelings about Michael Crabtree. But the Harbaugh angle is always there.

Or maybe Sherman only pats the rear ends of guys he truly loves and appreciates.

Many of Jacobs’ responses to other Twitter users explain how he has nothing against the San Francisco 49ers or California, he just really doesn’t like Harbaugh. “Despises” is probably a better way to describe his feelings. Meanwhile, Harbaugh will say nothing about Jacobs if he’s ever asked about the usage of the word “bitch,” which seems unlikely anyway because the media probably won’t get to speak with Harbaugh for several weeks. .

Here’s a question: who’ll be the next player to go nutty because Harbaugh caused said player to remain angry, even more than a year after working together? The tale of Jacobs has taught players to refrain from whining about or insulting Harbaugh while he’s still their boss, but certainly there are players who are on the 49ers right now who can’t wait to let loose once they leave the 49ers for another team or profession. A certain running back whose tweets aren’t “bout football” comes to mind.

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