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Rivals Week wrapup: giving out the last four shirts from DIE HARD

We’ve gave out six DIE HARD CO. shirts last week, and today it’s time to give four more — two from the “best joke” contest and two for the “predict the series” hijinks we all shared in on Friday.

What a series, huh? It’s hard to imagine that Giants/Dodgers can match competition that took place in all three games between the A’s and Giants this past weekend, although the booing will certainly be louder.

Since there was a tie for second place in the “predict the series” contest, and only one joke got two votes over the weekend, we’re going to do a little switcheroo and give one of the DIE HARD CO. shirts to the teller of this joke:

Phil: “Can’t wait to go to the Coliseum this weekend to see this rivalry re-ignited with star power on both sides!

Cain, Posey, and Melky for the Giants.

Gio, Ethier, and CarGo for the A’s…. wait a minute.”

And we’ll give out three shirts in the “predict the series” contest.

The Giants won the first two games and the A’s pulled out the finale, with a high-scoring Game 2 leading to the Bay Area squads combining to score 32 runs.

Laura Renee was the only person to correctly predict the winner in each game (most of us thought the A’s would take Game 1, since on Friday the entire region was on Tim Lincecum Alert — DEFCON 5). Laura wasn’t too far off on total runs either (21 total). She was an easy first place.

On the other hand, the tie for second included two men who got two of the three games correct and both predicted that the teams would combine for 22 runs.

John Sports had the A’s winning Game 1 (8 runs combined), the Giants prevailing in Game 2 (10 runs) and the A’s taking Game 3 (4 runs).

Josh had the Giants sweeping the series, with the teams combining for 10 runs in Game 1, 5 runs in Game 2, and 7 runs in Game 3.

Congratulations to all the winners, and a huge thank you to DIE HARD CO. for giving away these great shirts so 10 people could sport their colors. And I can’t end this without thanking you, the readers, for taking part and providing such a strong response. There were over 200 comments on the “Rivals Week” posts, and we appreciate the time and thought you all put into what you wrote. I hope the week was as fun for all the readers as it was for us!

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