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Niners songs flood YouTube – which one’s the best?

It’s the rite of passage every franchise goes through when they experience success. Local artists, both excited about their team and eager to capitalize on a potential audience that’s both large and energized, hit the recording studios.

It used to be that the songs would come from the teams themselves. The 1985 Chicago Bears had the most famous “rap” tune when they shuffled their way to the Super Bowl, but they were just copying the 1984 49ers.

Teams are more reluctant to face the scrutiny that putting out a boastful song would surely attract nowadays, but rappers and other musicians have taken up the slack. Pittsburgh’s Wiz Khalifa put out “Black and Yellow,” which became his biggest single. Ashkon struck a chord with Giants fans during the 2010 playoff run with his take on Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing,” which has over 2.6 million views on YouTube.

The 49ers’ ever-growing song catalog kicked off during the middle of the 2011 season, with Bailey’s “Who’s Got it Better,” a takeoff from Jim Harbaugh’s ubiquitous slogan.



Since then the songs keep on coming. “Faithfully” by Solidarity Co Op (S.C.O.) earns extra points for dropping a Ray Wersching reference.



If you like old school beats, you’ll definitely be down with “City of the Niners,” by Rappin’ 4-Tay, Tony Tag and San Quinn.



Rico Dolla’s the only guy who mentions Mike Singletary getting fired in his song, “Ima Niner,” but he probably wishes he left Braylon Edwards out.


“Back in the Bay” probably has the best/most 49ers highlights in the video.




Ashkon covers Jay-Z’s and Kanye’s “N***** in Paris” and gets “cray,” 49ers style.



As a Clipse fan this song caught my ear. Let’s hope the 49ers can “grind” out a win against the Giants…



Bonus: Did you know people were making 49ers songs last year? This version of 2Pac’s “Ambitions as a Rider” starts with a clip from Singletary’s legendary press conference.



Don’t like rap?

If you prefer a little electric guitar in your Niners anthem, you might prefer “Song of the San Francisco 49ers.”


Where it all began

The classic “We’re the 49ers”:



We end with what’s hands-down the best video in terms of comedic value. Reminds me of when the Huxtables would do those musical numbers for the grandparents. Plus Jeff Fuller raps, and he was my favorite Niner defender until his career-ending neck injury.



So 49ers fans, two questions:

1. It seems like there are more Niners songs on YouTube than I figured. Any good ones I’m missing?

2. What’s going to be your go-to song, the one you’d pick to get pumped up for the NFC Championship?


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