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SF Giants Opening Day Journal: Part 2

4:45: After driving through the streets of San Francisco, picking up SGL and driving to Luckerson’s (Lucky’s + Albertson’s since they can’t make up their minds) for Excedrin, my coverage of Opening Day has been spotty in the later innings. (Here’s Part I of my Opening Day Journal)

4:46: Alex Hinshaw is trying to finish off the ninth inning with the Giants up 10-5, and talk about an uneven performance: he starts with a 4-pitch walk, gets a double play, almost strikes out Mike Cameron twice before walking him and just uncorked a wild pitch to Bill Hall.

4:47: Cameron scores on a double by Hall, and Bruce Bochy has seen enough. Here comes Brian Wilson for one out.

4:47: So what did I miss (on TV, anyway, as I listened to the game in the car)? Fine Giants debuts by Brandon Medders (told you we’d see him this afternoon), Jeremy Affeldt and Bob Howry, who gave up a hit and struck out the side. Bengie Molina and Randy Winn both hit homers too, meaning the Giants only have to hit 91 homers over their last 161 games to tie their total from last year. Something tells me they’ll do it.

4:50: Brian Wilson has a ridiculous white-boy mohawk going. Shaved on the sides and looooong in the back, almost like a duck-tail. I’ll tell you this though: I’d rather my closer have a mohawk than a faux-hawk any day.

4:51: Jason Kendall swings and misses! Giants win! It actually looks like it’s sunny on the field, which is a major upset considering the fact that everyone thought this game would either be postponed due to rain or at the very least delayed. Pretty amazing they were able to play almost three-and-a-half hours of baseball without interruption.

4:54: Just got a look at the new Comcast set, and it looks pretty good. I wonder if Bip Roberts is pissed that Dave Roberts (no relation) is gunning for his job. It got lost when the server went down, but Amy G. announced that the “nicest man in baseball” is going to work for Comcast Bay Area doing Giants pregame stuff for about a week or so. Good to see a guy making $7M for doing nothing can get extra work in this economy.

Assorted thoughts on the game:

–Next year on Opening Day the Giants should start Merkin Valdez and bring in Tim Lincecum in relief. Otherwise there’s no chance for a Lincecum victory (Martinez got a gift win today after giving up 2 runs in 2 innings).

–10 runs for the Giants today is quite a surprise, considering they didn’t score their tenth run of the season until game No. 5 last year.

–Pablo Sandoval’s defense is going to be a worry for a while, unless he just went through some growing pains today. Since he doesn’t look like a candidate to get slimmer anytime soon, his exchange from the glove to his throwing hand needs to be much more efficient.

–Great to see Aaron Rowand hit a home run and a double, after a Spring where he looked about as good as I would against Major League pitching.

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