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Sleep cycle causes local blogger to miss Pablo Sandoval’s … cycle

I don't recommend consuming Tussin before writing, but oh well.

I totally missed Pablo Sandoval’s cycle. I slept through the home run, woke up for the single, then slept through his double and triple. My wife saw it all, from a luxury suite at Coors Field with clients based in Denver. Before she left for Colorado, she had a cold, so of course I had to take care of her. My wife’s the kind of person who’ll definitely complain about her symptoms, but she’s also the kind of person won’t take medicine unless I physically take it out of the package and hand it to her.

So of course after she got better and left town on Tuesday, I got gradually sicker and sicker until when I woke up this morning I knew there was no way I was going to be able to drag myself to the Bill Neukom press conference. It was just as well, I guess. I slept on and off through Thursday’s 8-5 win over the Rockies, and now I’m starting to feel Robitussin’s effects. But against my better judgement, I’m going to write a post anyway.

The Giants won their fifth game in a row for the first time since late June, and seem to finally be taking advantage of playing inferior teams. And with Carlos Gonzalez hurting his wrist on Thursday night and Troy Tulowitzki already out with a hip injury, the Giants have a great chance to sweep this series in Denver.

Of course counting wins in Coors before they happen is about as smart as writing a post while whacked out on cough medicine. That said, I’m going to take a right turn from wherever this post was going and knock out a few thoughts on Thursday as a whole before passing out on the couch.

Yeah, totally slept through this.

— Sandoval hit his 20th home run and was the first Giant to hit for the cycle since Fred Lewis, who also pulled it off in Coors Field. I wonder if Sandoval started his morning off with a ham and cheese omelet like Lewis ate for breakfast that day.

— Ramon Ramirez looked much better than usual today, but Dan Runzler looks absolutely lost. For a guy who looked untouchable a couple years ago, you have to wonder if Runzler will ever figure things out again. It’s too bad, I really want to root for a MLB pitcher who wears Vans and reminds me of William VanLandingham

— After the game I listened to the postgame wrap while fixing a thoroughly mediocre meal consisting of assorted frozen food items. Dave Flemming talked about Brandon Belt, how the talent’s there and the Giants need to let him work through things with as many at-bats as possible throughout the rest of the season. Flemming’s assertion was met with absolutely silence from the other three announcers. You have to give it to Flemming, he was the first guy associated with the team to push for Aubrey Huff to take a seat and Belt to get more of a chance.

— On the Neukom situation, particularly in regards to KNBR. I stayed up until almost 4 am writing two posts last night, finishing with the KNBR one. I figured I should wake up in the morning and give the KNBR post a re-read to make sure it came across the way I wanted it to before publishing it. Of course I slept through the entirety of Murph and Mac, so I didn’t catch Brian Murphy’s interview with Duane Kuiper. I listened to it tonight, and it was pretty good. Kuiper definitely didn’t want to touch the subjects Murphy kept bringing up, and during Tuesday’s telecast Kuiper mentioned that he hoped Mike Krukow would have better luck trying to control his Friday segment with M&M than he did that morning.

— Damon Bruce was brutally honest during his show as well. If anybody on the executive committee was listening to Bruce’s show, they couldn’t have been pleased. Great radio, though.

Carlos Beltran sounded off on what it would take for him to sign with the Giants next year. Beltran said it would take at least another bat from outside the organization, preferably a leadoff hitter.

“At my point in my career, I just want to have the opportunity to win,” he said. “I believe this team is good, you know? But like any other team there’s always room to improve. I know we’re missing some bats, Posey and Sanchez, but at the end of the day … We’re all expecting Posey to come back 100 percent healthy, right? But you never know what’s going to happen with him. You don’t know if he’ll be able to catch like he did in the past. We wish he will, but at the end of the day, my decision will be based on what this organization is willing to put together.”

Beltran won’t be back. With the ownership goings-on over the past couple days, it’s hard — no, impossible —  to imagine the Giants re-signing Beltran, who based on his comments is going to wait and see if the Giants bring in another bat before even deciding whether or not he wants to return. Then there’s the question of money, and forget what Baer said today at the press conference — payroll will in effect be going down even if it stays the same, because so many of the Giants’ current players will get raises in their respective arbitration cases.

Baggs also mentioned Beltran’s effort level in the field: “Later in the day, Beltran left just as strong an impression as he barely moved in the direction of a double to the right-center gap.” Kind of like Wednesday afternoon when he lollygagged a Jesus Sanchez bloop single into a double.

— Neukom’s ouster also tells me Jonathan Sanchez will be non-tendered, as well.

— If the Giants go 10-2 the rest of the season, they’d win the Wild Card if the Braves finish 3-9 and the Cardinals go 8-5. Sounds feasible to me. In a related story, my cough has gotten better but it feels like my couch is bouncing around like a sailboat in the ocean. Feeling kind of Dizzy Dean right now. Time for bed.


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