Alex Hinshaw

So, did Nellie get the record?

It was like the entire sport of basketball was exhausted today. Can’t blame it really, after last night’s crazy, wonderful, awful, disappointing loss for Butler. So the Warriors followed up their Lifetime Original Win on Sunday versus Toronto with an 18-point loss to the Wizards. Not after a back-to-back, mind you, but two days later. Eh, who cares.

– Speaking of who cares, the Lady Cardinal led the Lady UConns 20-12 at halftime on their way to what was probably a relatively surprising 53-47 loss to the Lady Huskies. 20-12. There’s good defense, and then there’s two teams just exchanging bricks.

– And … how about that Barry Zito, huh? At this rate, the first “The Unicorn Hour” is going to be wicked stony. Hella, hella stony. Brah.

– Zeets and Big Urbs will probably spend the whole episode on Brian Wilson’s forearms, which are undoubtedly the veiniest in the Major Leagues since Kevin Brown’s heyday. Really, Wilson’s about two weeks of tanning away from Jay McGwire status. I bet they freak Zito out….but in a way he’s oddly comfortable with.

– Is it wrong to already have 99.99% confidence every time I hear the phrase, “and in comes Dan Runzler”?

– And it’s way too early to say the Giants’ bullpen (Wilson/Romo/Affeldt/Runzler/Joaquin/Medders/Moto) is as good as the 2002 pen (Nen/Worrell/F-Rod/Witasick/Zerbe/Fultz/Eyre). Right? Right???

– I think it’s safe to say that “It’s Magic Inside” has already soared past “It’s a Great Time Out” as the most embarrassing slogan we’ve ever heard. If it’s already led to this amazing fake motivational poster from McCovey Chronicles on day 2 of the regular season, someone’s going to get arrested by the All-Star Break for indecency. And it’s probably going to be me.

– And just think, a year ago this Matt Cain sign in downtown SF clinched the award for worst advertising slogan. It’s Magic Inside Matt Cain’s Fire Scrotum!

– The way Bruce Bochy moves these RF’s around and uses his bullpen the same way an 8-year-old attacks a pillowcase full of candy on Halloween night, it’s almost like he’s begging Brian Sabean to take a roster spot away from the position players and adds another reliever. Maybe Alex Hinshaw can shag a few balls in RF in Fresno, make himself more valuable and stuff.

– How long until we can call Eric Chavez “Billy Beane’s Rich Aurilia”?

– And quietly, Dallas Braden strikes out 10 over 7 innings in a no-decision.

– That A’s lineup is horrible, though. If it weren’t for Kurt Suzuki, Beane would have to answer the same where-are-the-homegrown-position-players questions Brian Sabean has faced for who knows how long.

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