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Still driving the Jay Cutler Bandwagon

All of us here were extremely excited to see this on

“After a contentious conference call between quarterback Jay Cutler and the Denver Broncos’ brass on Monday, the situation has gone “from bad to worse,” according to a source close to the situation.”

Scot McCloughan and Mike Singletary need to get on the horn and do anything they can to get Cutler with the 49ers. And in true sports-blog style, we have five reasons why:1. The people want it

In our last weekly poll, we asked “Who do you want starting at quarterback for the 49ers in 2009?” Cutler was by far the winner with 48% of the voting, followed by 24% for Shaun Hill, 12% each for Alex Smith and Matthew Stafford/Mark Sanchez and 1 vote for Kurt Warner (to be fair to whoever went with Scott Stapp Warner, the poll question was asked a couple days before he signed with the Cardinals).

2. Why not go after someone young for a change?

While we definitely had fun with the respective chases of Warner and Manny Ramirez (including Manny’s infamous version of Biggie’s “Hypnotize”), we were always lukewarm on the prospects of selling the farm for 37-year-olds. When did the Bay Area become Florida, a place for old guys to retire? Cutler’s only 25, meaning we would actually be able to watch a key acquisition hit their prime, as opposed to watching someone try to recapture his prime.

3. Have you seen his arm?

I know none of the successful 49er quarterbacks (Joe Montana, Steve Young, Jeff Garcia, Ken Dorsey, etc.) have ever been known for their arm strength, but it actually is possible to win games with a guy whose right arm has been compared to a Howitzer. And if the 49ers traded for Cutler he would be extremely motivated, meaning Vernon Davis would be too busy trying to get the pain out of his hands to celebrate after 7-yard catches. Good times.

4. Less chance for a draft-day screwup

Besides Frank Gore and Patrick Willis, the 49ers’ recent draft history hasn’t been what you’d call outstanding (unless you’d call the re-working Alex Smith’s contract to $3M/year for two years a success, even though Smith wouldn’t put a percentage on the current health of his shoulder in a conference call…uh-oh). If Matt Cassell was traded for a second round pick and the Broncos are worried about spending money, why don’t they trade Shaun Hill (a fairly decent quarterback making less than $2M) and their second-round pick? Matt Maiocco asks why the Broncos would make a trade without someone better waiting in the wings, but how do we know that Josh McDaniels doesn’t think Cutler is simply an erratic quarterback who’s become more trouble than he’s worth with all his public complaining? Obviously McDaniels wanted Cassell more than Cutler to begin with, and it’s not like Cassell’s the second coming of Johnny Unitas.

5. It’s time for the 49ers to enter the 21st Century

In case you haven’t noticed, throwing deep is an effective mode of moving the ball in the NFL. Due to rules encouraging passing, more than half of all deep passes end up in long completions or defensive pass interference…provided your quarterback can throw deep. Who’s been winning Super Bowls lately? Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Ben Roethlisberger, all guys who can chuck the ball. The 49ers haven’t had one quarterback who could consistently throw accurate passes over 20 yards since Young (or maybe O’Sullivan, only he required eight seconds to throw the ball and fumbled more often than a drunken Dave Krieg). Perhaps the 49ers have good enough receivers to be successful, but without a quarterback who can spread the field they’re rendered useless? I’d like to see Josh Morgan, Jason Hill and Dominique Zeigler with a quarterback who can actually throw a post pattern.

Like Cutler.

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