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Talkin’ photos with Buster Posey

Right before the Giants left the clubhouse (half the team went to Surprise to play the Rangers, the other half stayed in Scottsdale to practice), I walked over to Buster Posey’s locker and mentioned the subject of my post from a couple days ago.

I was surprised Posey responded as enthusiastically as he did (he even called over Hensley Meulens, the Giants hitting coach), so I figured I’d post our conversation as a “Lighter Side of Spring Training” kind of feature to show a side of Posey we don’t often see. After the conversation there are some brief notes on a couple injuries and tonight’s lineup.

BASG: I was shooting photos of your home run the other day, and your follow-through took you to a knee. Is that normal for you?

Posey: No, I was a little bit out in front, and I tried to stay through so long that it just happened.

BASG: It looked good, though. At least in the photos, because you had the bat here (I held my left arm up in the air), and then all the way through here (held my arm outstretched behind me). It looked like something you meant to do, actually.

Posey: Yeah, I mean you don’t mean to do it … No, that’s cool. I’d like to see those.

BASG: I’ll show you right now, unless you’re busy.

Posey: Oh yeah, I’d like to see ’em.

BASG: I got this new camera lens, it actually worked.

Posey: What were you taking them with?

BASG: You mean the camera?

Posey: Yeah.

BASG: Canon EOS T3i, and then I just got a new lens which goes to 300, which is a lot further than I had before. Here’s the start of your swing:

Buster Posey SF Giants Spring Training 2

Here’s the impact:

Buster Posey home run spring training 2014

And then here:

Buster Posey home run follow through

Buster Posey HR follow through

See, it actually looks pretty cool.

Posey: That is cool. Bam might like …  Hey Bam. Look at this. Is that a good way to finish? (laughs)

Meulens: (Not nearly as interested as Posey was) Yeah, falling almost to the ground.

Then Bam-Bam started telling Posey about drills they’d be working on that day. As Meulens was discussing the schedule, Barry Bonds walked by. Posey asked Bonds if he’d throw batting practice.

“Sure. They’ll be slow and straight,” Bonds said while miming a throw and laughing.

Moving on to actual news …

— After I left the clubhouse to go file this story, John Shea found out that Angel Pagan went to a doctor yesterday to get a “lower back strain” checked out.

— Mike Morse was walking around the clubhouse with an ice wrap around his right calf. He was originally listed on the lineup card, and then he was replaced in the cleanup spot by Roger Kieschnick. Bruce Bochy told Shea that it was a “mild calf strain” that would keep him out a couple days. Apparently I left two minutes before Bochy came through and started dropping science.

— Kieschnick has struggled so far in Cactus League action, going 1-for-18 with nine strikeouts (although he did hit a bomb during the Futures game, which doesn’t count in the “official” Spring Training statistics).

“I haven’t gotten off to the best start, but I still have some time. Still working to win a job,” Kieschnick said. “I’m excited for the opportunity (tonight), hopefully I’ll make the most of it.”

— Brandon Belt isn’t in tonight’s lineup, but he’s back on the field in Scottsdale, playing first along with Posey during pitchers’ fielding practice. I didn’t get a chance to talk to him (he was at his locker for a couple seconds, then left pretty quickly), but he looks like a guy who’s still kind of weak from a stomach virus that kept him home for a couple days.

— Tonight’s starter, Ryan Vogelsong, is generally the guy no one talks to on gameday. But he was chatting up several teammates and gave Ron Wotus a playful tap as he passed him in the hallway.

“Vogey, I never see you smiling before you pitch,” Wotus said.

“I always smile when I see your ass, Wotus,” said Vogelsong.

Vogelsong sounds loose, so we’ll see if he can put Saturday’s rough outing against the Mariners behind him.

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