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The best part of Sergio Romo’s epic in-game interview from Monday night

On Monday the San Francisco Giants played the Milwaukee Brewers, and it was televised. Included in the broadcast were several interviews that lasted half an inning. The highlight was definitely Sergio Romo, who’s as consistently good as an interview subject as he is as a slider-thrower. Always cheerful, talkative and accommodating, Romo may not have had great results on the mound on Monday (he took the meaningless loss, although he did strike out 3), but he was on top of his game while chatting with Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow.

There were a lot of great segments to choose from, but my favorite part of Romo’s interview was when speedy Giants centerfielder Tyler Graham sprinted in pursuit of a line drive off the bat of Edwin Maysonet. Here’s the transcript, which starts with Romo talking about what missing the postseason felt like.

Romo: It kind of hurt not to be there, but coming back this year you learn about yourselves from the experiences from the past. And you hope to use what you have learned and (Maysonet’s ball heads to the left-center gap, Graham slips and falls on his butt) … ooh (giggle) … uh, so, wow, kind of lost train of thought there, holy cow. Diving left and right out there.

Kuiper: Fielder’s* got such great speed, but when he planted his feet they got out from underneath him. Do believe that Maysonet would have had a double anyway, but this kid can run.

(Graham is shown falling on replay)

Romo: Oh, look at that .. woop! (giggle) Who is that, Graham running out there?

Krukow: Tyler Graham…

Romo: Aw, Spider Monkey! That guy, oh, ball of energy.

Krukow: 60 bags stolen last year.

Romo: Ah man, he runs as fast as he seems to be moving.** I mean, that guy, I’ll tell you. I’ve got a chance to play with him in the Minor Leagues a little bit. Yeah, that guy, he’s out there, he’s got a MOTOR on that kid. I mean, definitely, full of energy (giggle). Great addition, GREAT addition in the clubhouse, by the way (giggle).

Krukow: Tyler Graham, a great addition in the clubhouse, how so?

Romo: Ah, just the energy he brings. You can tell that he appreciates everything that he’s seeing and getting to experience throughout his first big league camp. He’s just out here to show what he has, and holy cow he’s got a motor on him. He’s moving left and right. Guy just wants to be here, and I mean, he’s a funny guy too, he’s kind of got a little personality if you got to know him. Kind of just like the rest of my team, they’re unique.

*I listened to Kuiper at least a dozen times, and I’m pretty sure he called Graham “Fielder.” If I’m wrong, sorry Kuip!

**You know who else runs as fast as he seems to be moving? Aubrey Huff. 

I have a hard time getting into Spring Training stats and win/loss records, but the relaxed atmosphere leads to greatness like Romo calling Graham “Spider Monkey.” You get the feeling Romo would be like this if you put a headset on him during regular season games too, but only during Spring Training can you hear/see moments like this. I’m heading down to Scottsdale myself on Monday for a week, and I can’t wait.

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