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The best/worst Giants song … ever

Baseball shouldn’t be this entertaining in March, with the games not mattering or on televison. Weather wise, I’m as far from Arizona as one could be. With heavy mist blanketing San Francisco, I did what any guy would do: slept in, ate a breakfast sandwich my wife made, turned on the Bulls/Heat game and opened up the laptop.

Yesterday, the story was Joe Lacob’s comment about bloggers not being real fans if they aren’t season ticket holders. This morning, it was a pretty transparent rip job of Mat Latos by Yahoo’s Jeff Passan.

I love Mat Latos. Well, love is a strong word for a player I wish to fail every time he steps on the mound. But without him, what are the Padres? Just a boring team with about 15,000 fans who follow the team religiously (or fewer) with some decent pitching. Really, the Padres are Major League Baseball’s way of supporting the troops.

Look, they’re wearing camo! Check out all the navy guys, leaving the park in an organized fashion in the 7th inning! They’re like Dodgers fans, only with discipline!

Passan’s story was already written before he walked into the Padres clubhouse, as seen in the end of his story.

He paused for a moment, a rare hiatus for his mind. It needed a moment to reload.

“There’s things you’re going to do in your life that are going to tick people off but make others happy,” Latos said. “That’s the way life is. And I’m not going to change that. That’s who I am. Am I a bad guy?

“I don’t really care.”

I know that trick. The one where you separate quotes that had nothing to do with each other by a paragraph or a “interview subject said” and then it all seems like it runs together. (Not that I’ve ever done it myself while covering a less-than-eventful high school football game or anything.) Latos may have said “I don’t really care” about if people think he’s a bad guy, but he also could have said that about something completely different.

But that’s not why I’m posting right now. The reason why I jumped on WordPress is because SplashingPumpkins shed light on a song you NEED to hear if you’re a Giants fan, a Lady Gaga fan, a Buster Posey fan, or anybody who’s a fan of great music.

All the Giants songs that hit it big last year were in effect cover songs. Ashkon covered “Don’t Stop Believing.” FRANKIE BOOTS’ Lincecum song covered South Park’s “America, F— Yeah.” Here, in all its glory, is “Buster, Buster Posey (Sung to the tune of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi):

Top 5 things about this song:

1. My wife’s reaction while I was doing, um, research: “Honestly baby, we already heard it once! Baby!!! Honestly, this isn’t funny anymore! This is a dealbreaker. IT IS A DEALBREAKER!!!”

2. “Jersey and cleats, mask and shin pads. You are always ready to dominaaaate every game. Everybody knows your name (here we go, it’s playoff time).”

3. “There it goes, another dong.”

4. “Who’s my favorite player whenever all my friends ask me … Buster, Buster Posey.”

5. The fact that the word “tune” is actually in the title of this song.

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