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Tim Lincecum: best pitcher in baseball

It wasn’t like Ubaldo Jimenez wasn’t up to the challenge. Next year Jimenez will become the first member of the Colorado Rockies I’ll have ever drafted in a fantasy baseball league (I’m banking on the fact that my buddies will forget I wrote this opening paragraph by the time March rolls around, which probably isn’t all too smart), and I’ll probably take Ubaldo at least two rounds too early.

What can I write about Lincecum that hasn’t already been written? Mentally, he’s by far the strongest pitcher the Giants have had in my lifetime. He also has the best stuff of any Giants’ starter I’ve ever seen (besides Kirk Reuter and Pat Misch, of course).

He put the Rockies on lockdown, and the Rockies think they run our town. Or at least our team. Really, they do. That 14-inning win on Monday made them think they not only have God on their side, but talent, too.

Offensively, they certainly do. But like Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus told Amy Laurence on ESPN radio last night (yes, I was up way too late for someone who had to be at work by 9 am), the Rockies are a .500 team. In fact, Carroll made mention of how nobody would ever want to face Lincecum and Matt Cain in the playoffs. Man, if only this offense was mediocre…anyway….

Jimenez is the Rockies’ best pitcher, but you wouldn’t know it because a bunch of Rocky pitchers have gotten phenomenally lucky this year. Of course, no one talks about Jimenez because others on the staff have prettier won/loss records.

Speaking of records, Lincecum’s supposedly fading in the Cy Young race due to his, even though every General Manager worth his Bill James Baseball Abstract would take Lincecum over Chris Carpenter, Adam Wainwright or anybody else the National League has to offer (even though the mainstream baseball media always has some sort of illogical bias toward the St. Louis Cardinals — I know they’re hot, but why the reverence?).

I have no idea what this Giants’ season will bring (and I have probably written that at least once this week), but we all know this: Lincecum is nails. Not Lenny Dykstra “Nails,” which equates to a lot of alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and shady investments. Lincecum is the heart and soul of this team, the one guy who could resurrect an injured PANDA and allow him to put aside his flu symptoms and knock an oppo-homer.

(By the way, on Jeff Kent makeup-sexceremony weekend, is there any doubt Sandoval will be the must beloved Giants’ living pitcher in 30 years, after the Willies have passed away? And no, I’m not being morbid, I just love Pablo.)

I’m tired of over-analyzing the Giants’ season, and you’re probably tired of it as well. Let’s just agree that Lincecum’s a future Hall-of-Famer, and we’re all stupid-lucky to get to watch him three times every two weeks.

More Giants Afterglow:

— Much love to Brian Wilson tonight. Anyone who thought he should have been traded or replaced by Sergio or Affeldt…y’all dumb.

— Now that there aren’t anymore “Live of Brian” episodes airing anymore, it’s getting much easier to enjoy watching the guy pitch. The visualization stuff looks much cooler the further away we get from the douchebaggery of that show, but it admittedly gets easier to appreciate the guy when he’s lights out (and for all the Giants’ faults since they finished the second third of the season 60-48, he’s pretty much been the Giants’ most consistent and courageous performer since then).

— Juan Uribe deserves the OOOOH-REEEBAY chant.

— 17 shutouts this season by the Giants. I don’t know whether to praise the lord or get angry at the Sabean for spending all of his allowance on non-hitters.

— Oh, and that girl from Wicked that went to Lincecum’s high school, the one that they showed Lincecum hugging and hanging out with before the game? Timothy totally hit that. As well he should.

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