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Tim Lincecum provides comic relief, and some links

Anybody catch one of the funniest moments of the season last night, after Tim Lincecum struck out Jason Giambi in the fourth inning? After giving up a first-pitch blast to Giambi in the second inning (the only run Lincecum would give up in his 4-1 complete game win), Lincecum was as focused as one could be against the Giambino (sorry, had to — that name is almost more ridiculous than Giambi’s mustache was last year).

After Giambi swung and missed to end the inning, Lincecum walked off and around the mound, expecting to see his teammates tossing the ball around the infield. Just one problem: it wasn’t the second out, it was the third. The look on Lincecum’s face — after he tried to pretend that he knew the inning was over but realized it was obvious to everyone that he had forgotten how many outs there were — was priceless.

It’s easy to laugh after Lincecum struck out 12 and earned his seventh win, almost as easy as when you’re watching the infamous “Pablo Sandoval cake-fall loop.” Sorry, I love Sandoval, but even he would have to admit that’s a hilarious clip.

More links regarding Fat Ichiro and others…

  • If Charlie Manuel’s smart, he’ll bring the Giants’ version of Ling Ling to the All-Star Game. Also, all this talk about Matt Holliday being a NL player may be wrong, since his defense is DH-worthy. (Extra Baggs)
  • Tim Lincecum’s changeup is the third best in baseball, and maybe we all expected too much from Fred Lewis. (Bay City Ball)
  • The Niners aren’t going to be adding anybody significant, so those of you waiting for Terrell Suggs or Julius Peppers to come save the day might as well go watch the new leadoff hitter for the Albuquerque Isotopes. (Matt Maiocco)
  • “It’s not often that games are over barely seven minutes into their starting time, but that’s what would end up happening tonight; thanks to the early runs by the Giants and a complete inability for this frustrating, maddening, poorly-hitting offense we field night after night to score any of the nine-trillion baserunners they left out there against Lincecum.” I think Giants fans could’ve written the same thing about 100 times over the last year and a half, just changing the bolded words as appropriate. (Athletics Nation)
  • According to their agent Bill Duffy (so take this with a grain), Jordan Hill is like “P.J. Brown, only more skilled” and Brandon Jennings is a Rajon Rondo-type talent.” Maybe the Warriors shouldn’t trade for Rondo after all. Oh, and where was I when the NBA lowered their rosters from 15 to 13 active players? I must have been at a wedding or something when they announced that. I feel sorry for Sun Yue and Rob Kurz right now. OK, not really. (College Sports Hotline)
  • Danny Ainge went on WEEI today and said that Rondo was indeed fined for being late to games this past season, and called the tardiness “unacceptable.” Sounds like he’s available to me. (Celticsblog)
  • With Don Nelson’s rookie-phobic coaching ways, the Warriors would be well served to trade the No. 7 pick. Unless they can get a bonafide superduperstar at that slot (less than likely), Nelson won’t play him. (Fast Break)
  • If you care about keeping the 49ers in San Francisco, here’s a petition. Since I live here I’d like them to stay close to my apartment, but I’m more interested in the team getting a new stadium anywhere in the Bay Area before 2049 — and not one of those sterile facilities with three floors of luxury boxes that take the real fans away from the field. I’m looking at you, Lucas Oil Stadium. (Niner Noise)
  • A big eff you to Ellen Degeneres and her stupid dancing from Big Daddy Drew, who says, “You are not spreading joy with your spastic tardrhythms.” Truer words may never have been spoken. (Kissing Suzy Kolber)
  • As I write this, the US is leading Spain 2-0 in the FIFA Confederations Cup in the 80th minute. So that means by the time you read this the Americans will probably have lost 3-2. If you want to relive the latest moment when soccer was supposed to finally take off in the US, here’s a live blog written during the match. (Fanhouse)
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