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Tim Lincecum could use a bread bowl

Hey kids, it’s time for more of your favorite segment, Loosely Associated Thoughts! Today’s version of LAT is brought to you by the all-new Domino’s Bread Bowl Pasta, pasta so good, you’ll devour the bowl! Because everyone knows nothing’s better than a bread bowl after a 30-minute ride in a Ford Festiva, and who better to bring you Pasta Primavera than the people at Domino’s, where the dough is as fresh as the boogers? (Honestly, I couldn’t think of a worse thing in the world to eat than this. What’s next, Domino’s calamari and “ranch” sauce?)

–I was glad to hear Dave Righetti tell Gary Radnich this morning that Tim Lincecum went through some stomach ailments recently, causing him to lose weight. Not that I wish Montezuma’s Revenge on Timmeh, but he hasn’t looked real healthy this season and we don’t need Lincecum to follow in Doc Gooden’s footsteps in more ways than one.

–Nothing makes my eyes glaze over quicker than hearing Brett Favre updates. And if you’re a Packer fan, how annoying does it have to be to watch Favre’s not-so-secret longing to be a Viking stretch another year?

–If we’re going to crown Celtics/Bulls as the best first round series ever, can we go ahead and call Hawks/Heat the worst seven-game series in the history of sports? They’ve supplied 3 of the 12 games that were decided by over 20 points in the playoffs so far, in a series where both teams have probably expended 40% of the energy of Chicago and Boston. Remember Heat/Hawks in late June when everyone’s shocked that the NBA Playoffs are still going on.

–I just found out a couple things from Amy G. besides the fact that her chompers rival Tiger Woods’ in size: Lincecum has a dog named Cy and Pablo Sandoval has a daughter. Not sure how important either of those tidbits are, just thought you oughta know.

–Unsolicited fight prediction for tomorrow: Manny Pacquiao knocks out Ricky “Walking in a Hatton Wonderland” in the sixth.

–If Pacquiao wins, he should immediately take on Ricky Patton, the former 49ers running back who played in Super Bowl XVI.

–Surprise, surprise, Eric Chavez is on the DL…again. Dude’s as durable as a refurbished Xbox 360.

–Let’s hope Scot McCloughan is lying about the 49ers having no interest in Julius Peppers or Terrell Suggs.

–My girlfriend just called from the Giants game (her mom got tickets in Row R behind home plate), after catching a foul ball off the bat of Randy Johnson. Yep, seriously. I’m happy for her, but it’s still kind of like me calling her after winning and redeeming a free mani-pedi.

–And yes, that last paragraph was written by someone who’s caught two foul balls at Candlestick Park (Willie McGee and Jeff “I ain’t got the frickin’ foggiest” Kent). You can never have too many foul balls. I’d bring my glove to the park if my old one wasn’t chewed up by my sister’s dog. OK, I wouldn’t bring my glove (sorry Kruk), but I’d think about it.

–Beer recommendation for those who live around here: Anchor Steam Summer Brew. Delicious anytime but especially on a hot day, Summer Brew is the best wheat beer if you’re like me and don’t really care for many Hefeweizens.

–Every day it gets more and more clear: the Joe Biden Era is already unbelievably awesome.

–How you know you are an incurable gambling addict: you wager on a game pitched by The Unit.

–Why I’m starting to wonder about where this site’s headed…

Top 5 search terms used to find this week:

1. michael crabtree

2. rajon rondo (although if you add in “Rondo sucks” Rajon would have taken first place)

3. spaghetti jimmy photos (cringe)

4. mark sanchez shirtless (double cringe)

5. bay to breakers

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