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Tim Lincecum, fast food connoisseur: Tacolicious > Taco Bell (video interview)

I knew I should’ve put this video in a post immediately after uploading it to YouTube on Saturday!

It was found by Big League Stew before I had a chance, but at least people seem to like it. So I have that going for me … which is nice.

Lincecum talks about his weight and diet in the video below, which seems to be going “viral” as the kids say, in part due to Lincecum mentioning a certain Marina Taqueria. I think they owe me some free tacos for filming this, although they’ll probably give all the free grub to Timmy.

Talk about a guy’s weight fluctuating … Lincecum ended 2010 at 160 pounds, went up to 196 during the off-season, and now he tips the scales at 175 pounds.

After gorging on everything he could to get his weight up in hopes of increasing his stamina, he no longer eats as often at Jack in the Box or Mickey D’s:

“You take your first bite of a McDonald’s burger and you’re just like ‘why did I buy this.’ It’s like, I feel instantly sick,” Lincecum said.

“I’m still not crushing vegetables by any means, but I’m eating better than I used to.”

Lincecum also doesn’t like seafood. He prefers chicken, steak and carnitas from Tacolicious. Lincecum’s love of the restaurant (which also has a location in the Mission) led to this blog post on SF Gate.

I asked one question at the very end of this video, at the 5-minute mark.

BASG: Does Wilson try to get you to go to Taco Bell?

Lincecum: (laughs) No he hasn’t brought it up. To be honest … have you seen him? He doesn’t eat that stuff.

I asked Brian Wilson about Lincecum’s comments. Check out Wilson’s rebuttal here (at about the 2:40 mark of that video).
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