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Tony Bruno calls Ramon Ramirez an “illegal alien”

It’s been a rough week for Tony Bruno, with his segment with Gary Radnich getting the axe after KNBR paired Radnich with Damon Bruce, and now it’s only going to get worse. After Ramon Ramirez hit Shane Victorino in the back with a pitch, igniting a bench-clearning brawl between the San Francisco Giants and the Philadelphia Phillies (Bruno’s favorite team), Bruno hit “Tweet” after typing something he’ll spend the next year (or more) trying to explain. He deleted the tweet seconds later, but not soon enough. I’ve seen this retweeted enough throughout the evening to believe it existed at least for a short time:

Or, if that’s too hard to read, here’s a version someone saved on their Tumblr.

Yeah, it’s all over the place. That’s the problem when you get as big as a guy like Bruno — there are thousands of people out there, ready to pounce anytime you make the slightest mistake — like a horribly racist comment dripping with hatred (and a terrible nickname for the city of San Francisco). How do we know that Bruno himself tweeted this, and he wasn’t “hacked” like so many have claimed whenever their Twitter accounts get them in trouble? Behold the apology:

That’s the world we live in, isn’t it? Say something stupid you regret on Twitter, apologize (in a desperate attempt to save your career) on Facebook. I know I’ve been focusing pretty hard on the radio soap opera that’s enveloped the Bay Area as of late, but I never had any problem with Bruno. Sure, his takes were often outlandish and misogynistic at times (and that’s just his ads for the Handlery Hotel), but he seemed like a decent enough guy.

However, this takes Larry Krueger’s infamous “brain-dead Caribbeans hitters hacking at slop nightly” comment and blows it out of the stratosphere. But at least Bruno stands behind his reasoned analysis that Bruce Bochy is a coward. Got to stick to your guns, right?

Call this an absolute win for KNBR, after what’s been a tough last couple weeks. They couldn’t have known that Bruno would go off the deep end a few days after being told his “knowledge” would no longer be needed on The Sports Leader, but if KNBR had kept him around this week they absolutely would have had to let him go this weekend. And if you think Gary Radnich’s comments were awkward when he announced Bruno’s departure on August 1, imagine how uncomfortable they would have been on August 8. Actually, they probably wouldn’t have let Radnich say anything about Bruno at all. No point in trying to defend this.

(Update: thanks to @tommywrightsj for reminding me that Bruno’s show is still a part of KNBR 1050’s lineup, broadcast from 7-10 pm — it’ll be interesting to see how long that lasts.)



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