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Tony Bruno leaves Fox Radio, heads back to Philly

Perhaps Tony Bruno realized complaining about “illegal aliens” while living and working in Los Angeles was a sign? Whatever Bruno’s or his employer’s reasons, he’s leaving L.A., Fox Sports Radio and his show, “Into the Night with Tony Bruno,” which will be replaced by some show no one will listen to called “FSR Evenings,” featuring Mike North and the wordsmith known as Rob “who needs an ulnar collateral ligament, anyway?” Dibble.

Where’s Bruno going? Those who know the guy and saw how angry it made him when Ramon Ramirez hit Shane Victorino with that fateful pitch a little over a month ago (although it seems like three months, with the way the Giants have fallen apart since) won’t be surprised to hear he’s heading back to Philadelphia to do a local radio show at a station called 97.5 The Fanatic. Here’s a statement on the move (I think the ALL CAPS are coming from the source, not Bruno), which surprisingly doesn’t mention cowardly managers or relievers with expired Visas:

“I’m very excited about returning home and coming back to my 97.5 THE FANATIC slot to resume the great radio we started in 2010,” said BRUNO, who worked at the old WCAU-A and co-hosted mornings at WIP-A before embarking on his network career at ESPN RADIO, FOX SPORTS RADIO (twice), and SPORTING NEWS RADIO. “This is the best sports city in AMERICA and having done national sports talk for more than 25 years, nothing beats being back in PHILLY where it all started with my family, friends and great radio fans from all over the DELAWARE VALLEY. We did something no one thought was possible, and now with a total commitment to ‘local only’ radio, this should solidify us as the best sports radio station in PHILLY, period!”

You have to give it up to Bruno there — that statement was a “sprot,” “twinker” and/or “birch” away from 701 Level status.

Heading to the DELAWARE VALLEY is a logical career move for Bruno, a Philly homer doing national radio for way too long. This also means there’s no chance of a Bruno/Gary Radnich reunion anytime soon, not that there was one anyway after KNBR unceremoniously cut Bruno’s daily 11 am segment.

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