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Towels, tumbles and tweets: the three funniest 1st half Giants links

Winning doesn’t just breed good chemistry, it breeds good comedy. It’s a lot easier to laugh at your mistakes when your record qualifies you for the playoffs. When your setup relievers are Jack Taschner and Tyler Walker, life just isn’t as funny.

There have been a lot of great moments that are pretty much impossible to find on these here internetz, due to baseball’s archaic YouTube rules and the relative obscurity that usually comes with amusing videoclips that don’t have anything to do with teams in New York, Boston or Philadelphia. Tim Lincecum striking out Jason Giambi to end the inning in Oakland and thinking there were only two outs was a good one. Same with Aaron Rowand grabbing Pablo Sandoval by the shoulder and effectively throwing him out of the dugout to take a curtain call after homering at Mays Field.

Here are the three funniest things Giants-related links I could find, in no particular order.

1. The commercial for MLB 2K9 was before the season, but it still counts. When Randy Johnson sees a naked virtual Lincecum and utters the infamous line, “He should put a towel on,” he officially became part of the team.

pablo sandoval cake2. Pablo Sandoval’s pretty fast for his size, but every man has his achilles heel. Pablo’s is cake. Delicious, huge, hovering chocolate cake. With pink frosting. If Tim Flannery was holding a slice of cake this big, Bengie Molina would hit at least 10 triples this year.

3. We’ve all been there — you ask a girl out, she declines your invitation. Maybe she has a boyfriend, maybe she’s busy, maybe you happen to smell like Handi Snacks cheez and Slim Jims. But to get denied by an ex-girlfriend, on Twitter no less, takes humiliation to new lows. Barry Zito is no stranger to humbling situations since joining the Giants, but Alyssa Milano’s response to Zito’s invitation to watch him at Dodger Stadium was as bad as it gets. Maybe that’s why Zito stopped tweeting this week.

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