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The rest of us were contemplating one or more of these supposedly key 49ers-related issues yesterday.

  • The 49ers getting outscored 57-3 in their first two preseason games
  • The foot injury Colin Kaepernick sustained in Week 2 of the 2013 season
  • Man, it’s hot in Santa Clara
  • Alex Boone’s contract holdout
  • Boone’s *current* replacement, Joe Looney
  • Draft beer is stupid expensive at sporting events these days, bruh
  • Phil Dawson doesn’t yet understand the wind at Levi’s
  • Is Patrick Willis OK
  • Where is Marcus Lattimore

Meanwhile, Trent Baalke was finalizing a two-year contract extension for Glenn Dorsey. And that’s the difference between an NFL general manager and fans, or reporters for that matter.

If I was in Baalke’s shoes, I would’ve sloughed that one off. Maybe work on re-signing the nose tackle when I “had some spare time.” Dorsey was good last year, but he just tore his bicep. The most the 49ers could get from Dorsey, a nosetackle who played less than half the team’s defensive snaps last year, was IR/designated for return. But Baalke looked at Dorsey’s contract status (free agent after the 2014 season) and took action.

(Maybe Dorsey’s injury made Baalke want to lock him up so badly in the first place. Hey-yo, rimshot.)

What the signing shows is the 49ers are probably talking about possible extensions with several guys at once, all the time. That includes Alex Boone. And Jim Harbaugh. It’s all about who accepts these team-friendly offers, and when.

No one came out with a report saying, “the 49ers and Glenn Dorsey are discussing a possible extension” before the team announced an agreement. The Tramaine Brock deal was a surprise before last Thanksgiving, although maybe I missed something before that contract was signed.

Maybe this is just something nerdy that I find interesting, but it’s obvious to everybody else. Yet it seems like this is how the public perceives an NFL GM’s job priorities (in order):

  1. Scout, scout, scout, draft, draft, draft
  2. Sign free agents
  3. Talk to other GMs about trades
  4. Make a trade, but only if it means completely screwing over the other team (trades like those are always out there to be made)
  5. Sign stars to long-term extensions
  6. Watch the roster take shape
  7. Fill holes as they arise

While everyone else is either looking back at the team’s past shortcomings or focusing on what’ll happen in Week 1, Baalke is thinking about the 53-man rosters we’ll see in 2015, 2016 and beyond. He’s even thinking about who’ll be on the practice squad in those seasons. While we’re looking forward to seeing Carlos Hyde play, Baalke is probably looking at ways to bring Kendall Hunter back next year at a reasonable price.

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