Al Davis

Um Al…Without Phones, How do we Tell McFadden we Picked Him?

Has there ever been a draft pick easier to predict than the Raiders grabbing Darren McFadden at No. 4 today? How do you think that discussion went in the Raiders War Room this morning?

Al Davis: Darren McFadden is a true Raider. Explosive on and off the field, he will return the Raiders to greatness.

Lane Kiffin: Al, I kinda told a lot of people that we were looking into trading the pick. Couldn’t we at least plug our phones back in? I heard Jacksonville wants to give us three good picks for this one.

AD: Kiffin, you are a youngster. You don’t understand what wins games. Players make plays. One game at a time. Commitment to excellence. An Autumn wind is…

LK: Al, why do you always do this? Like when I asked you for a raise, and all you would do is keep repeating, “The quarterback must go down, and he must go down hard.” Who the hell is going to block for McFadden, and why do we need 9 running backs?

AD: This team needs an infusion of energy and speed. McFadden can hit the home run. The Raiders must be admired by NFL observers, and feared by their opponents … hey assistant secretary — who is that young man in the visor over there in the corner, trying to plug in the phone?

LK: My name is Lane! Gosh! You hired me, tried to fire me, but didn’t want to pay me to leave so I’m still here.  Don’t you remember?

AD: What are you still doing here? And don’t plug in the phones. I refuse to work with any other team in the league; they all have a vendetta against the silver and black. I need no other team. Al Davis is a maverick. Hey Lynn, you know who started the AFL? Al Davis.

LK: My name is Lane! Aaarrghhh! Why doesn’t my cell phone work? Al, did you cut my service again?

AD: Just win, baby.

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