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Vernon Davis posts “Captain Torpedo” movie poster, which can’t possibly be real (then again, it’s Vernon)

Forget “Batman v Superman,” those old DC Comics superheroes are played out. It’s time for a new idol, one who’s fueled by smoothies and boutique meat products.

The logo looks an awful lot like a plane, he’s wearing external leather shoulder pads attached to some sort of harness, and it appears that Capt. Torpedo’s uniform includes multiple cellphone holsters.

But is this a real movie, or some sort of elaborate ad campaign for shoes or black cherry pork jerky?

captain torpedo

I couldn’t find much on “James Seaman,” and Nathaniel Weiss’ IMDB photo doesn’t look like either character behind Davis in the poster. The last name, Julien Lasseur, is listed as a cinematographer and director on IMDB.

The website takes you to a photo of the “Captain Torpedo” logo and nothing else, besides something about “French Mustache LLC.” I scoured the worldwide web — OK, the first page of Google — to see if “French Mustache” was an actual movie studio, and I found nothing. Don’t click on the Urban Dictionary definition of that term, by the way.


Update: I knew someone would steer me in the right direction after posting this on Twitter. Thanks to @rkg115 for setting me straight. 

French Mustache is a comedy production company founded by Director/Cinematographer Julien Lasseur and Writer/Producer Alex Zeldin. The two have made several short sketches that have been featured on as well as videos that incorporate major brands such as Microsoft Bing and Doritos.

Other projects Julien and Alex have worked on include commercials for Samsung, McDonalds, UPS, and JBL, music videos for Universal Music Group, and the television series “Billy on the Street” on FUSE.

I’m assuming Davis will star as “Captain Torpedo” in some sort of comedy sketch as part of an ad campaign. Fantex must be thrilled.

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