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Wait, I thought the Giants needed a power hitter…

Rumors involving the Giants and whether or not they’ll open up the company checkbook are getting louder and more pervasive by the day, but they’re veering off in directions most wouldn’t have imagined. Forget Jermaine Dye or Victor Martinez, Ryan Braun or Matt Holliday. The Giants have one of the worst cleanup hitters in baseball (the seemingly exhausted and increasintly impatient Bengie Molina), yet word is the “brass” is most interested in…

Roy Halladay and Freddy Sanchez?

The Pirates’ “Sanchy” makes a little sense — he isn’t completely devoid of power and he’s a better defensive second baseman than anyone in the organization. Also, he’s a Pirate, so they can probably get him for a fraudulent prospect and one of Tim Lincecum’s promo copies of MLB 2K9 (now almost bug free!).

Still, for people like me who thought their main target last off-season would be the CC Sabathia (AKA: the round mound of the, uh, mound), it isn’t exactly shocking that ESPN’s Buster Olney and SI’s Jon Heyman think the Giants are very much in the running for Halladay, which would give them four Cy Young Award winners in their rotation plus Matt Cain.

Would I trade Madison Bumgarner and/or Tim Alderson for Roy Halladay? Since I’ve never seen either pitcher in person, it’s not an easy question to answer. Quite a few believe that Bumgarner is a sure thing — a lefty Lincecum with straighter teeth.

Then again, Halladay’s the best pitcher in the American League. However, Halladay’s got a lot of miles on his arm and hasn’t exactly been sharp in his last two starts since going on the DL with a groin strain. Plus, Halladay’s under contract next year for $15.75 million, a yearly figure he would probably also stand to make for the following five or six years after he signs his next deal. Bumgarner and Alderson are under club control for five years from whenever they make the big club, during which time they’ll struggle to amass the same amount of money Halladay makes in just one season.

We’re hungry for a World Series in these parts (famished is more like it), and a Lincecum/Halladay/Cain/Unit/Zito rotation isn’t just formidable, it’s borderline disgusting. We’d never see Bob Howry again if that came to pass. Crazy as it sounds, the Giants have might have a good enough offense to win their first title since fleeing the Polo Grounds if they boasted a group of starting pitchers that nasty.

Are the Giants hoping Bowker gives them a cheap power infusion so the “brass” can drop their American Express Black (and orange) Card on the best right-handed pitcher in the world over 6’0″?

Did the Barry Bonds experience burn the front office to such a degree that they’re completely slugger-phobic?

Will I ever learn to remember that almost every trade Sabean has ever consummated has come out of nowhere (after all, Freddy Sanchez is apparently “the hottest name on the rumor mill at the moment,”), or have things changed so much in the internet age that between the newspapers, TV stations and blogs, there are no longer any secrets?

Don’t answer that…

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