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Warriors say arrivederci to Marco Belinelli

With the Giants making headlines yesterday, the Warriors sneakily went about their business of becoming the NBA’s version of the Pittsburgh Pirates, trading Marco Belinelli to the Toronto Raptors for the remains of Devean George and the Warriors’ favorite player lately — “cash considerations”.

Cash Considerations has a lot of upside, doesn’t he? I wonder if Chris Cohan will present Mr. Considerations with his own dollar-sign jersey at the press conference. Hell, Cohan’s probably called Robert Rowell in the middle of the night to see if they can trade for that stack of money on the Geico commercials.

“Robert, with eyes like that, the stack of money must be blessed with tremendous court vision. Contact his team and bring him to me, immediately. And I’ve been going over the numbers; do we really need to spend all this money on this ‘scouting department’ I see on our balance sheet? Can’t the kids selling season tickets downstairs handle some of this? Otherwise, what am I paying them $9/hour for? Hmmm? Hmmm?”

Even though Umbria’s most famous regular is only 23 and actually performed fairly well in limited action last season, the Warriors had no problem dumping the fragile Italian with the Sylvester Stallone eyes after the Raptors agreed to pay most of George’s $1.6 million salary for next season.

Warrior optimists (do any exist anymore outside the P.R. dept. and the broadcast team?) can point to this trade and say it’s actually just a vote of confidence for Anthony Morrow, who successfully fought Belinelli for minutes last season and is clearly a more valuable (and don’t forget cheaper) alternative. However, if the Raptors have coveted Marco since 2007 — and several reports over the years have said the Raptors have, which makes sense since they covet Euros more than American college girls studying abroad — couldn’t they have done better than George?

Some say the Giants traded Tim Alderson to the Pirates yesterday for Freddy Sanchez because Alderson doesn’t have a great fastball. Well, George lost his fastball about five years ago, and in his heyday he probably only brought it to the plate around 88 mph anyway. That’s figuratively speaking for the real literal among you, but even when George was playing significant minutes for the Lakers during their run of championships in the early 2000’s, George was nothing more than a taller version of Kelenna Azubuike.

Now he’s just a more fragile version of Austin Croshere.

Again, where does this stop? Is Chris Cohan dumping salary at this rate to make selling the team easier (pleaseohpleaseohplease), or is he just jerking the fans around by taking small chunks of salary away from the ledger, piece by piece, with trades that are announced (and then hopefully forgotten) in the middle of the night in late July?

Sadly, I think we know the answer. Nobody’s ever said Marco Belinelli was anything more than a moderately intriguing combo guard who once ruled the NBA summer league seemingly five years ago (actually, it was only two). But another salary dump, after J-Rich, Monta’s fine and the Harrington/Crawford/Law/Claxton debacle? Something smells fishy in Oakland, and it isn’t just all that crap in that river underneath the pedestrian bridge from BART to the Coliseum.

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