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Warriors/Lakers point-by-point (almost)

We’re starting this Warriors/Lakers “point-by-point (almost)” at the start of the second half. Why? Because that first half was silly. 68-62, Warriors, in 24 minutes of basketball that was a combination NBA All-Star Game/preseason tilt in Bakersfield.

But no matter what, we know this game is going to go down to the wire, with about a 50% chance of overtime. C’mon, it’s Warriors/Lakers at Oracle. These games always last about three hours (but in a good way).

11:48: Monta opens with an 18-foot jumper. 70-62, Warriors.

11:25: Tony Randolph scores on a sort-of hook in the paint…10 points, 9 rebounds!

11:02: Derek Fisher for three…Bob Fitzgerald’s gotta be pissed. He hates Fisher for some reason. 72-65, Warriors.

10:29: ESPN talks about how neither Jamal Crawford (16 points) or Ronny Turiaf (11 points) have missed a shot tonight. Yep, it’s that vaunted second game of the back-to-back Laker defense!

9:57: Randoph goes up for the dunk and is blocked by Kobe. That was one of the most ridiculous displays of combined athleticism I’ve seen this year. For the record, Dan Shulman (play-by-play for ESPN) is falling in love with Randolph.

8:12: Randolph scores as Mark Jackson is in the middle of saying, “You look at Anthony Randolph and you say ‘why hasn’t this guy played all season long, the things he’s able to do on the floor, you have to find minutes for him.'” 80-69, Warriors.

7:55: Mark Jackson remarks about how his old teammate at St. Johns, Chris Mullin, has always raved about this guy. Something tells me Mullin isn’t the biggest Nellie fan in Oakland and was more than willing to do a full rip job on Nelson with the ESPN analysts.

7:20: Fast break dunk for Stephen Jackson. 84-72, Warriors.

Randolph jumped on top of Lamar Odom’s back while going after an offensive rebound, and Odom pushed Randolph onto the floor. Randolph got cut and had to leave the game, and (surprise-surprise) looks like he’s about to cry. I love Randolph almost as much as Shulman and Mully’s old college teammate right now, but nobody has the bitter beer face worse than Tony.

Kobe hits a three. 86-81, Warriors.

3:10: Pau Gasol dunks a lot like Yao Ming when he goes with one hand. 88-83, Warriors.

1:55: Stephen Jackson with the technical foul, but Kobe misses the free throw. If Comcast wasn’t blacked out (is it because I have League Pass?) I’d be listening to Fitz call that missed foul shot “basketball karma.”

1:24: Monta knocks down another mid-range jumper. He’s looking a lot like his old self, only not as selfish. Good times. 90-86, Warriors.

0:45: Kobe blocks Maggette’s layup attempt for two reasons: he really likes to play against the Warriors, and he knew there was absolutely no chance of Maggette passing.

Maggette with a layup with under a second to go, and the Warriors take a 94-92 lead. The Lakers gave up 83 points last night to the Hawks.

4th Quarter

Gasol dunk. Game tied at 94.

11:15: Maggette with a block and pass during a fast break. I really have seen everything.

10:14: Steal and a layup for Trevor Ariza; Lakers first lead of the half, 96-94.

9:56: Fifth foul for Turiaf.

9:00: Randolph is everywhere.

8:28: Belinelli for three! In his first game back, he looks surprisingly confident and just as good as he looked before his ankle injury. 101-98, Warriors.

7:51: Randolph’s defense good enough to force Gasol to pass to Farmar after getting good position. Could Biedrins ever do that?

7:18: Randolph makes a spin move at the top of the key and goes to the lefty hook and scores on Gasol. 14 and 12 for Randolph, in what is officially the best game of his NBA career. 103-98, Warriors.

6:02: When Stephen Jackson dunks on you in the half court, you know you aren’t playing defense.

5:15: Randolph called for a bad blocking foul near midcourt on Kobe. Five fouls for Randolph. I’ll say it now: Chris Mullin spent at least 15 minutes today talking to Dan Shulman and Mark Jackson about how good of a pick Randolph was, how Nellie is trying to ruin his career and how when Mullin takes a job with the Knicks he’ll do whatever he can to get Randolph for Mike D’Antoni.

4:50: Dunk for Turiaf. The Lakers are really playing awful defense today.

4:20: Ariza for 3. 109-108, Warriors.

Another 3 for Ariza. What a horrible closeout by Crawford. You know he’s pissed Stephen hasn’t passed him the ball since the second quarter. The more you think about it, the more ridiculous the idea of a team with both Crawford AND Maggette sounds. If Antawn Jamison were still a Warrior, Golden State might complete the first assistless game.

3:30: Stephen with a long two from the corner…111-111.

3:18: Odom scores…can you say contract drive? 113-111, Lakers.

2:47: What is Turiaf doing doubling Kobe? Kobe passes to Gasol, touch pass to Odom, and the Lakers have a three-point-play. You can tell Turiaf thinks Kobe’s going to try and take over. 116-112, Lakers.

2:16: Why did Nelson take Randolph out? And what happened to Monta?

2:05: Monta decided to get caught in the air and fling a horrendous pass towards the center of the floor so Odom could easily steal it. Clear path foul, which means two free throws and the ball. The Warriors better start hitting some three’s, and quickly. You know, Odom has looked a lot better whenever Randolph isn’t on the floor. And yes, I have a bigger man-crush on Randolph than Shulman and Mark Jackson combined. It’s getting close to the Simmons/Durant zone. Odom makes both foul shots, 120-112 Lakers.

1:31: Just a pathetic drive by Monta, who was hoping for the foul and ended up flinging the ball off the glass without even hitting the rim. Why aren’t the Warriors fouling?

1:10: Kobe hit’s a fall-away, and that’s your ballgame. 122-112.

47.7: You know who’s the happiest man after this game? Bill Duffy, Tony Randolph’s new agent. The kid not only showed off his limitless emotion and freakish athleticism tonight, but got a TON of good PR from Shulman and Mully’s former point guard. If I’m Mitch Kupchak I immediately call Don Nelson and offer him Adam Morrison for Randolph RIGHT…NOW.

Anybody else see Shannon Brown’s ridiculous block last night against the Hawks? Here it is.

21:0: Randolph’s back in, and he wants to score.

04:0: Crawford, the stat guy to beat all stat guys, gets a meaningless layup. Lakers win, 129-121.

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