Wednesday’s Weird KNBR Commercial of the Week

I don’t know what’s worse, erectile dysfunction ads on television or on the radio.

With the barage of TV commercials featuring middle-aged couples dancing and sharing outdoor baths in separate tubs, it’s hard to believe that radio could match the brand of awkwardness often foisted upon the weekend sports viewer.

That was until KNBR started airing the latest bit of audio-terrorism from the Boston Medical Group. First off, the voiceover guy they chose speaks in a quick, anxious manner, and he’s supposed to have already gone through treatment at BMG. He talks about how during the holidays it had been so long since the last time he was able to satisfy his wife, their relationship had reached “monk status.” This led to many fights between the obviously open and communicative couple (sarcasm implied), even “over egg nog.”*

(*What fight could egg nog possibly spur, even if a couple hadn’t hit the sheets in a long time? Not enough rum? Too much? Low fat versus regular, or maybe an expiration date snafu? These are the things I think about while running in Golden Gate Park with KNBR on my walkman…I might need to just bite the bullet and buy a smaller iPod)

After reasoning that ED pills could take away one’s vision or hearing (“and those things are pretty important to me, OK?”), he talks about going to BMG, where one visit set him straight without any chemical help. Of course, he doesn’t say how the erectile mechanic at BMG got the guy’s equipment to function properly. I guess that’s left up to the imagination, for better or worse.

After spitting out BMG’s phone number, the guys immediately says “slower,” then repeats the number again, only slightly slower than the time before. While it’s an annoying tactic it was effective in getting my attention, just because it sounded so odd that he’d slow himself down. Makes you wonder, if he did that in his daily life would he even need to visit BMG?

The most uncomfortable part of the ad comes at the end, when he says something about how a present isn’t all he gave his wife for Christmas. Gross. While the ED pill commercials are aired too often and show silly images of men and women who are smiling waaaayyyy too enthusiastically, at least they just sort of allude to what the drugs are used for. On this weird commercial from BMG, the results are spelled out, making the listener wonder for a split-second if “monk status” would really be that bad.

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