Wednesday’s Weird KNBR Commercial of the Week

This week’s commercial is weird due to just one line uttered by Daniel Day Lewis.

The ad for “There Will be Blood” is filled with ominous musical notes, quotes of critical acclaim from major publications and strained yelling from Lewis (Or is it Day Lewis? Is Day his middle name? Google says…Day-Lewis, we have a winner!).

Anyway, the strangest line Day-Lewis recites is, “I…drink…your…milkshake!!! I drink it up!!!”

It’s a little unsettling partly because it’s a late addition to the commercial. They’ve been advertising this movie on the radio for weeks, and I guess they figured the milkshake line would be a crowd-pleaser. But what does it even mean if you haven’t seen the movie (which I haven’t)? Does his character hang out at a soda fountain? Maybe he’s a big Kelis fan, bringing all the men out to the oil yard because his milkshake is better than…you get the picture.

While I figure it has to do with some sort of greed metaphor, I still cringe whenever the spot comes over my headphones. I don’t know if I’m just uncomfortable with a grown man yelling “milkshake,” or maybe because that grown man has a weird Irish/Southerner hybrid accent going. Whatever it is, I just hope I don’t have to hear this weird commercial all the way up to the Oscars, or I may become lactose intolerant.

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