Wednesday's Weird KNBR Commercial

Wednesday’s Weird KNBR Commercial of the Week

This week’s journey into weirdness comes to us courtesy of Mitsubishi Motors.

Every time I hear or see a Mitsubishi ad I’m always a little surprised they’re still in the car business. Aren’t they sort of like a Japanese Saturn, with cars and marketing practices that are just a litle off? Even the Eclipse, which sold fairly well during the 1990’s, had that weird bump in the hood like it was some sort of muscle car, even though it was almost as much of a chick-ride as the Jeep Liberty.

Lately KNBR’s been giving heavy rotation to another commercial featuring, for lack of any other way to describe him, the gravelly-voiced Angry Guy. Angry Guy likes to call people and harass them about Mitsubishi’s deals du-jour, even though the people on the other end of the line rarely seem like they’re actually happy about the interruption to their day.

This time Angry Guy calls a woman who’s on the air as a radio talk-show therapist. She’s immediately annoyed that her show’s subject matter has turned to lease deals on Galants, and says that her show is not for Mitsubishi talk, but to “help adults make good decisions.”

Of course Angry Guy runs roughshod over her with his Mitsubishi info, finishing in a borderline-offensive rant where he yells, “That’s what grown-ups do, isn’t it? They make decisions! Grown-ups…make decisions!”

Then the radio host, now thoroughly flustered, inexplicably responds with “Hey, I said that!”

I don’t even know what that part of the commercial is trying to get at, to be honest. I guess somebody in Mitsubishi’s ad agency probably laughed at that line, which might be the strangest part of this very uncomfortable commercial.

Of course, I don’t know why Mitsubishi still makes any cars for the roads. They make one good car, the Lancer, which is good for two things: rally car racing, or serving as a canvas for guys under 24 who drink too much Mountain Dew to load up with a body kit, Flow Master mufflers and stickers that say things like “Rally Dude.” Maybe guys like that think this commercial is funny, but they’re probably too busy listening to Incubus to turn the dial to The Sports Leader.

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