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Wednesday’s Weird KNBR Commercial of the Week

Before writing this weekly installment for the first time, it was tough to decide what type of commercial I was going to celebrate/ridicule. KNBR has many terrible commercials, some confusing ones, and many grating, turn-the-volume-down-as-soon-as-possible spots.

I settled on “weird” because almost each week there’s a commercial on The Sports Leader that is strange to the point of making the listener uncomfortable, and this week’s example came courtesy of KNBR personality Dan Dibley.

I actually really like Dibley, both on the morning show and with Gary Radnich. In fact, his cries of “Will you go to Oakland, Barry?” and “Razor and Mr. T, three to seven!” as an indicted Barry Bonds was leaving the courthouse last month ended up as maybe the funniest on-air moment of 2007 for KNBR.

A couple weeks ago Dibley would have made this list based on his commercial for the new “Actuality” show on truTV: “Huntington Beach Ocean Force, OC.” In that spot, Dibley claims that the “Ocean Force” is made just for people like him before mentioning that people are getting saved by “handsome” lifeguards. Probably not Dan’s proudest moment, but luckily for him it seems like that commercial had a limited run and stopped getting any play about a week ago.

Thankfully, we’re still getting our daily reminder about upcoming tryouts for the San Jose Saberkittens (insert roaring noise here), the cheerleading squad for the Sabercats of the Arena Football League.

Dibley starts with “Ladies, it’s that time of year again.” Not to pass judgment or anything, but if your calendar has “Saberkitten Tryouts” circled for a second consecutive year, the University of Phoenix may be calling your name.

Not only does the commercial ask for dancing (wink, wink) experience, tryouts will be held at the Fry’s Gym. Fry’s has a gym? But this commercial hits its weirdness crescendo at the end, when Dibley gives a disclaimer in a decidedly different tone that “auditions will be closed to the public.” So I guess I can’t go with a buddy or two down to San Jose and just, you know, watch some cheerleading tryouts.

Sometimes life just isn’t fair.

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