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Well, I made it…

I wanted to write a postgame recap of last night’s silly feel-good Giants game that, besides Madison Bumgarner pitching 7 shutout innings, bore no resemblance to the Giants we’ve come to watch and tolerate over the last couple months. My wife — Sports Girl Liz, for those who’ve read this site for a long time and remember when she wrote regularly — and her friend were at last night’s game in Sec. 125 (I was in the press box), and late in the game her friend had a minor medical emergency which required an ambulance coming to pick her up at AT&T Park (which the fans cheered as it drove through the players’ parking lot, as if it was Pablo Sandoval driving by in his Camaro).

Her friend’s fine, and that’s the key. After hearing about the severity of what happened, I left Bruce Bochy’s press conference to meet Liz. Luckily my sister was also at last night’s game with her friend, and she gave us a ride to our apartment so we could drive to the hospital, where her friend was undergoing a bunch of tests. Long story short, after the tests came back fine and we drove her friend back to Danville and then back to San Francisco, it was 3 am.

So yeah, no videos of Conor Gillaspie talking about his generously scored inside-the-parker or Bumgarner aw-shucksing his way through answers to questions about how good he is. But that doesn’t matter, I’m just glad that what was a pretty scary incident (extremely rapid heartbeat) for Liz’s friend didn’t lead to anything seriously wrong.

It’s so damn hot … walking was a bad choice.

I planned on taking the bus to Market and 4th this morning and then walking down to the game from there, but I barely missed the only bus coming and had to walk the four miles or whatever it is, which meant I got to see the spot Mychael Urban tagged on 6th and Market. Walking shouldn’t really have been a problem, but it was in the high-70s this morning and after living here for a few years I’m acclimated, which makes me a total heat-wuss.

When I lived in Livermore, no problem. I used to run in 100-degree heat and cool myself off by standing in front of a swamp cooler. And swamp coolers are about 99% worthless when it comes to cooling anything down. Now no body reacts to any sort of heat like when I grew up in Eureka. 72 DEGREES AND NO WIND??? BRING THE NEAREST WADING POOL AND A SLIP ‘N SLIDE TO ME, AS I AM CLEARLY SUFFERING FROM HEAT STROKE-RELATED SYMPTOMS, SUCH AS MILD PERSPIRATION!!!

Rambling on (and excuse the nature of this post, I’m pretty much delirious right now), I got to AT&T too late to catch Bochy’s pregame interview session in the dugout and my credential wasn’t at the desk anyway, so I had to wait outside and continue sweatng for a while. So if you’re looking for some insightful pregame notes, you’ve come to the wrong place (as usual). But I’m here now, and some guy in a Buster Posey uniform (pictured below) and full catcher’s gear is sitting seven rows below where I am in the press box. I’m going to miss covering these games.

Because last night’s game was ridiculously goofy in such a great way:

— Bumgarner wasn’t exactly facing a rockin’ Rockies lineup, but as the Giants found out against the Astros this year — no-names can kill you just like the stars can. And Bumgarner’s command was absolutely killer last night. Laugh at my lack of journalistic integrity (ha!) if you want, but it was a privilege to watch him pitch as often as I was allowed to this season.

— Brandon Belt’s home run into San Francisco Bay was the most impressive shot I saw live in 2011 — besides Alfonso Soriano’s blast to the top of the left field bleachers.

— After watching Barry Zito strike out 2 in the 9th inning last night and seeing Eric Surkamp flail this afternoon (4.2 IP, 8 hits, 2 BB, 1 HBP), I have to think we’ll see Captain Yoga as the 2012 fifth starter. With so many guys getting raises next year and an offense so badly in need of reinforcements, I have a hard time thinking they’ll bring back Jonathan Sanchez. I hope I’m wrong.

— Brandon Crawford was a beast last night, in a game that was made for the hardcore Giants fans on Twitter who love Bumgarner’s advanced stats and cried for the Brandons to play all season.

— Last night I sent out a tweet saying that even though I’m not a huge fan of “God Bless America,” hearing Tony Bennett sing it give me chills. And it’s true. When the Giants play a recorded version of the song on Sundays, it fails to move me. Well, the Giants official twitter account retweeted what I said to the masses, and a bunch of people responded saying I was un-American. Good times.

And one last note on today’s game…

— The most predictable managerial move of the season: after Carlos Beltran went 0-for-2 in his first two at-bats, dropping his average to .300 exactly, he was pulled from the game. The first person to congratulate him in the dugout as he ran off the field: Scott Boras. Okay, that’s a lie. I can’t see into the dugout from here.

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