March Madness

Well, I really screwed up my NCAA bracket

I have no idea what happened. I had San Diego St. as my National Champions. I saw their logo at the top of my bracket, all red and black and stuff. Then I clicked around on some other games I wasn’t so sure of in the BASG March Madness Contest, saved my bracket and went to bed.

Then I woke up this morning. No notifications in my inbox, so I didn’t think twice. I posted a couple last minute notes to people on Twitter and Facebook that they had about a half hour left to make their picks, and a couple people missed the cut. Not me, I thought. My bracket, although probably less accurate than a 2-week weather forecast, was complete.

Except it wasn’t. Somehow, the Aztecs are not my National Champions. I have a final score (72-70) and two teams in the final game. But no winner. Just an empty box. TWSS (sorry).

I got an email just a few minutes ago from a relative who shall remain nameless, saying his final picks didn’t get entered either. So what’s the deal? Did I screw up, or did Yahoo? I wasn’t going to take any of the prizes if I finished in the top 3 anyway, since it wouldn’t be a popular move and let’s face it, I’m going to get some cookies and/or truffles out of this regardless of my bracket’s success.

But should I give this unnamed contestant, who may or may not be my father in law, a pass here? If his Finals choice (Ohio St. over Kansas, 65-63) would have sent him to the winner’s circle — which in this contest also doubles as a diabetic coma — should he be given a shot at victory even though he didn’t actually finalize his bracket like the other five of us who were unable/unwilling to do so?

Anyway, while you ponder that, here’s the preliminary standings. How about Morehead State, huh? Should have known the Morehead/Petino jokes were so widespread that the upset was an inevitability. Only one person got all 8 games right, while six others (including me … of course I have a decent bracket when I’m too lame to pick a National Champ) picked 7 of 8 correctly. Evidence below…

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