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What I learned in Mexico, honeymoon edition

I admit, it’s strange to be back after being gone so long. Two-plus weeks without blogging. Almost as much time away from fantasy sports, KNBR, Twitter, games on TV, and all the post-Giants euphoria. The longest time away from BASG since the site started. Last time y’all heard from me, the whole city was hungover after the World Series and I got married. Yep, it really happened.

And even though the wife actually set up the first incarnation of this website and had encouraged me every step of the way, she made it clear: during our honeymoon in Mexico (near Playa Del Carmen, on the Mayan Rivieria if you care … I don’t blame you if due to recent weather developments you’d rather not hear about it) I was expected to leave the sports behind.

And I did, for the most part (I did get in trouble briefly for trying to keep tabs on the 49ers’ OT win over the Rams). However, even away from the electronic leash, I did manage to learn a few things on our honeymoon. Some of them even sports-related!

1. Met a bunch of couples from Texas at the resort. When the World Series came up, one of the guys tried pulling the whole, “San Francisco didn’t even know they had a baseball team bit” with me until I alerted him to the fact that the Giants have outdrawn the Rangers every year for the last decade. That quickly ended the conversation. Then I felt bad, so I let him know that the Cowboys fired Wade Phillips the day before. He immediately high-fived his wife.

Lesson: Texas is a football state, and 49ers fans aren’t the only ones ready to say bye-bye to their head coach.

2. I learned the Phillips news by checking out a USA Today sports page, which was the only way I could get semi-recent sports news without looking drawing the ire of my new bride. Also how I found out Buster Posey won the ROY (told ya … sort of). That’s one reason why newspapers can’t go away. You look way more relaxed on a beach chair reading the sports page than checking your phone or laptop.

Lesson: you can geek out on league standings and stats without looking like a bad husband, as long as no screen is involved.

3. When I saw the Raiders on the front page of the USA Today one of the few days I was able to get a hold of a copy, I knew their good luck was over (and then even more so after getting home, checking the mail and seeing that they were also featured in Sports Illustrated). Same with Tuesday’s USA Today report that Troy Smith was ready to lead the resurgent 49ers to the playoffs, which included some quote where Mike Singletary joked about which Smith was going to start at QB. And USA Today also told me that the Warriors were supposedly 7-4 and winning road games occasionally. Even the weather was supposedly awesome around here until we got back. Times were good a week ago.

Lesson: don’t believe everything you read, especially when you’ve been in the sun for multiple hours and have developed the ability to tell the difference between margaritas featuring Hornitos and ones with Jimador.

4. Speaking of jokes, does anyone else get the idea that Singletary’s press conferences exist only to provide future Coors Light commercials? I can already see repeatedly Singletary saying “check the film” followed by those beer-swilling guys who ask the questions playing film of one guy stealing Coors Light from another. Splice in a little “cannot coach with them” and “I want winners,” and you have a nice little 30-second spot. I actually saw yesterday’s game at my wife’s mom’s house and not in Mexico, but I had to mention something.

Lesson: if nothing else, Singletary’s pressers are entertaining in a sick sort of way. Maybe his best lines are worth a future post…

5. Back to things I learned in Mexico: the phrase “world sport” is just a fancy way of saying “every sport that doesn’t take place in America.” International soccer friendlies, tennis tournaments that aren’t Grand Slams, rugby matches, even Taekwondo disqualifications in Malaysia are big news.

Lesson: Mexican cable is not the best way to find out if the Giants signed Carl Crawford.

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