Bengie Molina

When Buster Posey comes to town, it’s bye bye Bengie

Some would call him refreshingly honest, I would call him incredibly insecure. All he asks is you don’t call up a first-round phenom at his position while he’s nursing a boo-boo on his leg. His name is Bengie Molina, and his insecurity came out in full force yesterday in this exchange with Andy Baggarly:

I asked him point-blank if he felt the Giants were sending a message by bringing up their top prospect, especially after they said multiple times they didn’t plan to do so:

“You know what, probably,” said Molina, who is a free agent after the season. “This might mean I’m not coming back next year. Who knows? I’m ready for anything. I know how baseball goes. Whatever they want to do. The only thing I can say is that I’ve got my chin up always. I’ve done a lot for this team and helped many guys. I hold my ground. I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. If they don’t bring me back, hey, you have to move on.”

“Regarding any messages, I don’t know. If that’s what they’re trying to do, I don’t think that’s the way to send a message. But if they are, who knows. We’ll see.”

If the message was, “Don’t sit unless death is near,” Molina certainly got it, as he’s in today’s starting lineup. And if you’re too lazy to click the link, no, no Nate Schierholtz. Usually this would be cause for me to mutter obscenities under my breath here in my cubicle while eating greasy imperial rolls from the Vietnamese place down the street, but Randy Winn’s career and recent numbers against Pedro Martinez are pretty awesome. Schierholtz has never faced Juan Marichal’s fellow cock-fighting aficionado before, and hasn’t exactly been on fire lately. So we’ll give Bruce Bochy a pass…this time.

Molina’s gone, though. No doubt about that, as he has gone to the reporters one too many times with thinly veiled complaints. He bitched when Posey was drafted, and now he’s acting as if the Giants owe him something simply because they made him hit cleanup. Sure, a better lineup would be nice, but Molina’s making $7 million per year and he’s probably the worst defensive full-time catcher in the system (he doesn’t throw out that many baserunners, he is adept at blocking balls but often goes after them lazily or with poor fundamentals, and he can’t catch anything over his head). When Kevin Frandsen complained about the Giants brass he got exiled. With Molina again being a thorn in Brian Sabean’s side, don’t be surprised to see him on the Rockies next season (since they always take the Giants’ catching hand-me-downs).

— It was great fun to watch “Hard Knocks” last night and see Andre Smith (the last holdout besides Michael Crabtree) sign, come into camp, and immediately get injured. According to Adam Schefter, Crabtree might not get injured at all due to his holdout — because he may never sign. I bet he’d sign quicker if Nate Davis was named the starting quarterback. OK, maybe not, but it’s worth a shot! (Matt Maiocco)

— Stephen Jackson’s pretty worthless according to the metrics, the contract and the attitude, so they should work fast to send him to a contender. Too bad the teams that are good didn’t get that way by collecting aging, overpaid swingmen who mouth off to the media whenever times get tough. (Chris Cohan : [LIBELOUS SLANDER])

— Not sports related, but it gave me a chuckle to see that Facebook used to be called “TheFacebook.” Oh, the internetz. (Telegraph)

— Ice Cube is going to make a documentary about the Los Angeles Raiders called “Straight Outta L.A.” I was going to make a documentary solely based on my favorite hat during the early 1990’s too, but apparently there isn’t much interest in a Stussy documentary. (NBC Chicago)

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