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The reason I like the Warriors so much is that they are a passionate team. Their passion leads to exciting games that have me on the edge of my couch seat. Their passion has also led to lots and lots of tattoos. As the Warriors are flying down the court heading toward their basket, I can’t help but get a little distracted….was that a naked woman I just saw? Oh, no, maybe not. Denied – who is denied? Now I’m just confused. I know you sports guys have noticed too so I decided it was time to investigate and find the best of where ink happens.

matt_barnes_tattoos1Matt Barnes: Flamin’ Panther Hating Californians

Matt Barnes is the most inked up of all the Warriors. Most noticeable is his tattoo of the praying hands on his neck (that one HAD to hurt!). According to Barnes, the praying hands that have the message “believe” underneath represents a hard time in his life (when the Warriors weren’t winning) when he had to believe in himself (WE BELIEVE). Also an interesting one is the “F.T.H.” tattoo on his chest which he says represents “F*ck the Haters”. Hahahah- try explaining that one to Matt Jr. one day. Check out this video of Barnes explaining his other tattoos (flames, California love and even a panther). A warning to all sensitive sports guy – he’s not wearing a shirt!

monta_ellis_tattooMonta Ellis: Ink Rookie
Monta debuted a new and what appears to be his first tattoo this week when playing the Kings. No official reason for the tattoo has been released but the timing suggests that it relates to Monta’s older brother getting shot in the back twice a couple weeks ago. His brother is doing ok now but there’s nothing like ink to honor such an experience – and surviving two gunshot wounds definitely puts you at a level of ink-worthy greatness. Just ask Fiddy.

al_harrington_tattoo_legAl Harrington: Doing it for the Love
Al Harrington loves his basketball and his tattoos. He appears to have multiple hawks popping around different corners of his body. I wonder if that’s like the curse of getting your significant other’s name tattooed on your body. In Harrington’s case, his relationship with the Atlanta Hawks did end and I know he’s totally not accepting any of their phone calls, lost a lot of weight since the break-up and is looking so fierce as a Warrior. Hopefully no Thunder tattoos will be appearing on Harrington any time soon.

stephen_jackson_tattooStephen Jackson: Crazy Meets Ink
The most famous ink on the Warriors team is Jackson’s praying hands with a gun in the hopes that he will “never have to use his gun again”. Even tattoo loving Harrington said of Jackson’s tattoo, “I can’t believe that one, I thought I was crazy.” But while some may think this tattoo is a little crazy, I think it represents peace. This tattoo guarantees peace to all strippers, all over the world, that Stephen Jackson will pray before he uses his gun at your strip club.

andris_biedrins_tanAndris Biedrens: Ink Ruins the Perfect Tan
Mess up his perfect mystically tanned skin? No way! Ink will not be happening here, but being from the sun mecca of Eastern Europe, we all know that a lot of tan will happen here.

On a non-ink related note, I’d like to point out that “60 minutes” has failed to source the Bay Area Sports Guy blog or myself for using my very intellectual “piece” on a very famous tractor exhaust pipe in a segment they ran this week called, “Brand Beckham”. Bay Area Sports Guy seems to disagree with me on this one and has questioned me and my mom legal advisor by saying, “You think you’re the only one who can write about that dude’s tractor exhaust pipe? Not that I want to, or anything.” No, I don’t think I’m the only person who can write about his exhaust pipe, but I do believe I had the idea first to write about its power in the media and think that Don Hewitt is a dirty old man who should give me credit! Or give me David Beckham’s phone number so I can at least interview him for my next piece.

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