Yeah, but can Either Team Beat Los Lakers?

There were a few odd things about today’s Spurs/Suns game. First, Shaq looked absolutely spry out there, grabbing 11 rebounds in the first half, helping the Suns to a victory that could surprisingly be attributed to tough second half defense.

But the uniforms were even stranger than the game’s outcome. The Suns wore their orange away jerseys and the Spurs donned their home whites, even though the game was in Phoenix. It took a little reading to find the possible reason for the color swap, as both teams’ jerseys had the word “Los” on the front.

“Los” was above the normal “Spurs” logo on San Antonio’s jerseys, in front of the word “Suns” for Phoenix. It was a blatant rip-off of the San Francisco Giants and their “Gigantes” unis they wear from time to time, but much lamer.

Why? Because at least the Giants roll with the Spanish translation, and don’t add the word “Los.” What uniforms have ever had “The” in front of the team name? Also, shouldn’t it have at least been “Las Espuelas” and “Los Soles” instead of the Spanglish “Los Spurs” and “Los Suns?”

It was like watching Univision. The best part of Spanish-language TV usually isn’t the shows, which feature a lot of yelling and mask wearing, with the occasional blonde stripper thrown in. Entertainment for non-Spanish speakers comes from the commercials, where Spanish and English are interchanged in all sorts of ways. My favorite example? Years ago, when I heard the phrase, “Budweiser, El King of Beers.”

Coming soon: Supertroopers 2, How High 2, and Grandma’s Boy II?

– Showing it’s possible that every movie I’ve ever liked will have a sequel, I saw a poster last night with Neil Patrick Harris riding a unicorn that read “What would NPH Do? — Harold and Kumar 2.” What’s the plot twist this time, do the boys move to California and get a stoned craving for In ‘N Out Burger?

– EAS has to be less than happy with the Cleveland Browns re-signing Derek Anderson to play quarterback, while Brady Quinn rots on the sidelines. Quinn stars in an oft-aired commercial where he runs through tires in some sort of CGI-world of working out. Then he drinks a boxed protein drink and says, “Now I’m done.” Uh, Brady, we weren’t aware you ever started

– I know the fact that ESPN was televising the game led to this, but the hype before North Carolina/Duke has gotten beyond hyperbole. Until Duke is able to produce an impact NBA player, something they haven’t done since Luol Deng, can we have a moratorium on 24/7 coverage before each of the two regular season matchups and inevitable ACC Championship? Of course, getting unbiased coverage from ESPN is an impossible dream – on my way home from work last night I had to turn off my walkman after hearing one of their radio hosts stump for Kevin Garnett as this year’s NBA MVP

– I’ve always loved UCLA, adopting them as my D-I basketball team because my dad and cousin went there (it also helped that I went to UC Santa Cruz, where some of the intramural squads were better than their D-III program). But that call at the end of the Stanford game was so horrible it was beyond comprehension. Darren Collison was rejected, plain and simple. What possible explanation could there be for why Pac-10 officials are so horrible, in both football and basketball?

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